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Warners has hired competing screenwriters for their post-Dawn of Justice Aquaman movie. That’s super crappy for the writers (and really all writers), but it’s also another sign that the studio hasn’t planned out their break-neck push into connected superhero universes beyond cameo (and subplot) introductions for a shotgun blast of potential Justice League members in a movie supposedly focused on Batman and Superman. Drew McWeeny compared the process to a reality show (picture an anthropomorphic script doing a rose-less walk of shame), and I agree 100%. While far from conclusive, the method points to another shaky element of Warners’ planning. Specifically, that they have no firm planning. Meanwhile, they’re pointing their bat to the bleachers.


The Cove documentary

At last, an actual Aquaman movie is on the way. It’s well-known (if not official) that Jason Momoa is playing the sea-dwelling superhero in Justice League, likely appearing first in cameo form in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Via The Hollywood Reporter, now we also know that Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment are pushing a solo installment for Aquaman, with two screenwriters hired to separately churn out their take on the character with the hopes that one of them will be perfect. Those writers are Will Beall, who is really only known cinematically for Gangster Squad, and Kurt Johnstad, who worked with Justice League franchise mastermind Zack Snyder on 300 and its sequel, 300: Rise of an Empire, and also penned the script for Act of Valor. Neither sounds like an amazing prospect, but the competition could bring out the best in each of them. I would attempt to lend them some guidance — because I’m sure they’re both happily scouring the internet for not only the demands of fans but also the ideas of non-fans — but I won’t even pretend to have a clue about where the character and his storylines have gone in the 20 years or so since I avidly read his comics. And frankly, even though I was plenty into Aquaman as a marine-life-loving kid, I can’t recall a whole lot about his background or major conflicts anyway. I remember he got a harpoon hand and a beard and went shirtless in an effort to be gritty and hip, […]


Fables Comic

When asked by The Hollywood Reporter what five comic titles would see the screen next if she got her way, DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson said that Neil Gaiman’s “Sandman” was on the top of the list followed by “Fables,” “Metal Men,” “Justice League,” and (everyone’s favorite) “Aquaman.” Those are exciting names. Almost as if DC were moving into a “phase two” of its own without fully realizing phase one. Of course, DC (through its partnership with Warners) would be in a position to take risks like these even if it didn’t have a firm omnibus plan in place. The funny thing is that “Sandman” would be far more fun than a Justice League team-up, and with the popularity of shows like Once Upon a Time, “Fables” would already have a kind of unintentional built-in audience.


What is Movie News After Dark? It’s still called Movie News After Dark, despite what the network says. We begin tonight with an example of one of the many great title cards from Cougar Town, a show that has not been about actual cougars, figurative cougars or metaphorical cougars for a very long time. But “Pay attention,” informed this week’s title card. “Cougar Town almost makes sense this week.” As someone who loves this show, the opportunity to introduce you to this gallery of Cougar Town title cards brings me great joy. It all goes back to the ongoing discussions over whether the heavily underrated show should change its name. But oddly, nothing else seems right. Who cares if it’s not about cougars? It’s really funny.


Were you interested in seeing a big screen adaptation of Aquaman someday? Well, now you can’t. Because your favorite aquatic hero is dead thanks to the BP oil spill in the Gulf Coast.


The Flash

In a big presentation for Time Warner investors this week, Warner Bros. revealed that it is very close to giving the go-ahead on one of their hotly anticipated DC Comics franchises, The Flash.


Ten Superheroes Who Deserve Their Own Movie

Films like this week’s Iron Man give me hope that not just the huge, iconic characters like Superman and Batman are going to get their own film. Knowing that the comic book market is fresh for the picking, here’s ten superheroes who deserve their own movie… and some might actually get it.

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