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TMNT Elevator

When was the last time a movie as bad as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles had a great sequel? There have been plenty of other comic book movie franchises where the second installment was a huge improvement over the first (X2: X-Men United; Spider-Man 2; Hellboy II: The Golden Army; The Dark Knight), but none of them started off nearly as terribly as this one. Although the TMNT reboot was a success at the box office over the weekend, and general audiences apparently liked it (as per Cinemascore and the Rotten Tomatoes audience ratings), it still doesn’t seem like a movie that people loved. Just how many of the front-loading fans enjoyed it enough to return for another is a key question to consider. Paramount isn’t likely to worry about that when making the sequel, which was confirmed yesterday, because a $65m opening is enough to convince them that they did something right and shouldn’t change the formula. But even if it weren’t dumb of studios to believe their product is good just because people paid ahead for it, they should always be striving for better with their series anyway. What they qualify as “better” is another question. With franchises like this, the synonyms for the definition tend to be “bigger” and “more.” Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 will look and feel the same for the most part, but you can bet there will be a lot of new characters added. Which characters, though, could be a very big deal as far as getting the fans back in […]


Ninja Turtles

When we heard that Platinum Dunes and the director of Battle: Los Angeles were planning on rebooting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, it was pretty easy to jump to conclusions about what type of film they would be making: gritty, lots of shaky-cam, and like most modern action filmmaking, trying to ground ridiculousness as much as possible. But Platinum Dunes producer Brad Fuller tells us that we should definitely expect a grounded, but not “gritty” take on a movie with alien turtles coming to Earth. Fuller also shared that a part of this “grounded” version may come courtesy of motion-capture. Based on Fuller’s tone and his love for Rise of the Planet of the Apes, it would be a shock if the filmmaking team behind the project do not go with mo-cap Turtles. Here’s what Brad Fuller had to say about Ninja Turtles:



The gritty, realistic version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that is currently in the works has found itself a new home with Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes. This may be the end of the part where it’s gritty, realistic and tied to the original comics.



For no good reason, Freddy Krueger has come back to life. But that won’t stop his return from being a terrifying ride into the world of dreams now, will it? Certainly not.



The Platinum Dunes remake machine is back in action and this time they’ve set their sights on your dreams. Krueger is back – the only remaining question: is a campy clown or a vicious dream slayer?


Ouija Board

And here, you thought this ‘board games into movies’ trend was just a fad that would fade away quietly before anyone could actually make something playable in theaters…



Jason Voorhees may or may not see snow in the sequel that may or may not hit theaters on August 13th, 2010. I may or may not care.



He recently covered his face as Rorschach in Watchmen, now he intends to have it burnt off as Freddy Krueger – Jackie Earle Haley is about to be announced as the star of the rebooted Nightmare on Elm Street. Or at least we think so.


Friday The 13th

Before you catch a midnight showing of the awesome and exciting Friday the 13th reboot, read up on the cast and crew and their adventure in bringing Jason Voorhees back to the big screen.


Film School Rejects talking Friday the 13th

Our own Robert Fure as he got a chance to talk to the cast and producers of the upcoming horror franchise reboot Friday the 13th. Find out what they had to say for themselves…


Friday the 13th Teaser Poster

One of the last treats of Comic-Con 2008 was the panel for the upcoming horror reboot Friday the 13th. And now, thanks to the wonders of the interwebs, we have both a poster and a bit of footage from the panel.

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