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The image above is taken from the upcoming Halloween Complete Collection — specifically from the newly restored “Producer’s Cut” of Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers — and it’s just one of the reason’s why horror fans should be ridiculously excited for this release. Until now the only way to see this version of the film which includes 43 minutes of alternate footage and a different ending was via bootleg DVDs and VHS tapes. The difference in picture clarity is astounding and can be glimpsed further down the page. The entire Halloween film series is captured in this box-set including all eight original films, TV edits of the first two films, the alternate cut of the sixth film and both of Rob Zombie’s reboots. Some of the films have seen HD transfers already from Anchor Bay and Scream Factory, but now the two labels are joining forces to give that same treatment to each entry in the series alongside an outstanding collection of bonus features. Check out the full specs for the Halloween Complete Collection below, and pre-order from Amazon here.



“In some cases however, the passage of time is a blessing…Time heals all wounds, makes us forget, or, allows us a chance to reflect. Three years is an abundance of time. A lot can happen in 36 months: wars have been fought and lost, relationships have blossomed and then been destroyed, children have been conceived, born, and taken their first steps. In the case of Mother’s Day, 3 years was the amount of time it took me to become disillusioned with the filmmaking process.” That’s director Darren Bousman revving the horror engine on a nightmare. It doesn’t involve a reverse bear trap or a team sent back for your organs, so it’s probably scarier. It’s the story of how a movie that Bousman made that simultaneously met his creative vision and received high praise from testing audiences went from a huge potential opening to a release last weekend that no one heard about. Bousman goes into deep detail, chronicling the journey of a movie that wrapped in 2009 and didn’t see the light of day until 2012. It’s a must-read piece for how candid Bousman is regarding a hell on the other side of development. Let’s call it Post-Production Hell. His segment on what watching a test audience react to his work is especially enlightening. Ultimately, the train of events looks something like this:



Amy Heckerling has been developing the habit of making movies about once a generation that perfectly encapsulates the zeitgeist of current youth culture. In the early ’80s, it was her film Fast Times at Ridgemont High that gave high school kids all over the world the idea to have pizzas delivered to their classrooms and made that one Cars song be forever linked with Phoebe Cates taking off her top. In the mid-’90s she brought us Clueless, which introduced the world to how cute Paul Rudd is when he sheepishly grins and finally asked a lost generation to pull up their pants and stop looking like trashballs. So now that it’s 2012 and Heckerling has written and directed a new film, you have to ask yourself if it’s going to be another one of those generation defining moments in movies, or if it’s just going to end up being another Look Who’s Talking? Her new project is called Vamps, and seeing as it’s a little late to cash in on the vampire crazy, its chances of becoming a big thing are already looking kind of dicey. That doesn’t mean it won’t be fun though, because it has a completely ridiculous cast, and a plot that sounds tailor-made for getting everyone’s girlfriends to squeal.



It turns out there’s a Nicolas Cage movie out there that is ready to be watched, but has been sitting on the shelf waiting for distribution. Why there haven’t been alarm bells sounding, protests happening in the streets, and 24/7 coverage from media outlets the entire time this atrocity was occurring is beyond me, but apparently we can all stop (not) panicking. Deadline Lomita is reporting that Cage’s next film, Seeking Justice (once known as The Hungry Rabbit Jumps), has been acquired by Anchor Bay and is set for a U.S. release on March 16th of next year. Let’s all take a moment to silently thank Anchor Bay. (Thanks, Anchor Bay.) News of a new Nic Cage movie is usually reason for celebration enough, no matter what the particulars of the project are, but this time there’s another big reason why I’ve now got Seeking Justice’s release date circled on my calendar with a big red heart. In this Roger Donaldson-directed thriller, Cage plays a mild-mannered teacher whose life changes when his wife is brutally assaulted. While that sounds awfully bleak, the good news here is that January Jones is playing the wife. That’s right, the man who’s never met a chance to overact he didn’t like and the stone-faced creep who’s never experienced a human emotion will be playing a married couple on the big screen. The results should be like a car crash being interrupted by a train wreck all while a woman breast feeds in public: I […]



No matter who wins, you win. Well that doesn’t sound very climactic, does it? Which is fine, because Dolph Lundgren and Steve Austin aren’t actually fighting each other, what did you think this was, The Expendables? Instead, the real battle is you versus your fellow readers. An incestuous, cannibalistic orgy of mental violence to see who is The Winning Machine! All this non-sense and hyperbole aside, what I’m really trying to tell you is that the fine folks over at Anchor Bay have given us multiple copies of two exciting action films: The Stranger starring Steve Austin and Dolph Lundgren is The Killing Machine written by, directed by, and starring Dolph Lundgren, the only man with a legitimate PhD that could kick my ass in a bar fight.



Coming to Blu-ray September 28th is director Adam Green’s follow-up to the pretty excellent 80’s inspired slasher Hatchet. His sophomore effort ditches the buckets of bloods, head rips, and disfigured villains (but keeps Kane Hodder) and instead opts for a more realistic thriller about a trio of friends stuck on a chairlift. Yeah, kind of like Open Water but you know, in a chairlift. Except there are no sharks. No, instead their are wolves. This is one of those titles that doesn’t lend itself amazingly well to the Coroner’s Report: with so few characters, there’s bound to be a low body count and with no sadistic inbred dude hiding in the woods, there won’t be much head cutting. Also, there are no boobs. But is it worth watching anyways?



Available now on DVD from Anchor Bay, Growth explores the all too frighteningly real phenomenon of parasites infecting, harming, and potentially altering their hosts. It combines that with the all too common and (for the moment) science-fictional idea of genetically engineering human beings. Via parasites. Because that’s logical. In Growth, things exist in an alternate future timeline where, in 1989 it was apparently common practice for a bunch of scientists to head off to a small island, breed parasitic shellfish that create perfect pearls which are in turn sold on the open market to bring in more money to expand genetic testing on parasites that will rewrite human DNA and create super soldiers. This of course goes wrong, but no one really cares, and the island continues to exist and the local cops occasionally just shoot infected people in the face. But don’t worry, because the island is surrounded by salt water and salt water not only kills the parasites, but melts the host. Yeah.


Operation Endgame - Rob

Not too long ago we showed you the Red Band trailer of a comedy-action flick that is somehow flying under the radar and straight into home-video release. Since we think it is downright criminal that there is so little information for this film, and that a film with such an amazing cast can go this unnoticed and miss out on theaters entirely, we’re going to give you a chance to take a copy home. In fact, we’re so awesome that we’ve got two copies to give away – One Blu-ray and one DVD, so you can pick your poison. So why do you want Operation: Endgame? For starters, let’s look at the cast: Zach Galifianakis, Rob Corddry, Ellen Barkin, Odette Yustman, Maggie Q, Brandon T. Jackson, Emilie de Ravin, Bob Odenkirk, Ving Rhames, Adam Scott, Joe Anderson, and Jeffrey Tambor. That doesn’t even seem like a cast list, it seems like the fantasy guest list for my tea parties.


new_daughter cover

Mixing horror with Kevin Costner is like the first time you heard of chocolate covered bacon. You thought you’d like it, but were scared. Once you try it, though…


I Spit On Your Grave 2010

You might need to wear a cup, but this teaser trailer is actually pretty tame.



I can pretty much guarantee this is the only site that has given 1200 words to Stan Helsing.



While She Was Out The Coroner slipped into her house, ate her peanut butter, and gave her movie a thumbs down.



Spitshine your Chrome masks, sharpen up your knives and let’s hop into the murder-mobile as we all take a look at Laid to Rest.



Get excited for a totally pimped out slasher getting ready to cut his way onto DVD from Anchor Bay Home Entertainment.

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