Girl most Likely

This week sees the release of Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini’s Girl Most Likely, a film even the most hardcore of Kristen Wiig fans might not be familiar with, simply because sometime between its bow at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival and its theatrical release, Girl Most Likely sprung forth from the original title, Imogene, like some sort of cinematic Athena-birthing. When it comes to Girl Most Likely, the name change was probably for the best – at the very least, it distanced the production from bad buzz coming out of the festival and gave the dramedy the illusion of being more friendly to a mainstream audience than it actually is. But it’s also a somewhat weird change, considering that the words “girl most likely” are never spoken in the film, despite the fact that Wiig’s Imogene picks up a yearbook at one point in the sort of scene that leaves moviegoers gagging for a jokey nod to the title. Girl Most Likely to do what, Imogene? That will just have to remain unanswered, but even with a shiny new title, Girl Most Likely is really most likely to disappoint at the box office this weekend. Would things have been better under the Imogene moniker? We’ll never know. Changing a film’s title after its film festival premiere is becoming an oddly common occurrence – hit one of the year’s biggest fests and you’re bound to see a film or two that will eventually come to the multiplex with […]



Merry Christmas movie/TV/goat-cheese lovers! As part of our week-long gift guide extravaganza thingamajig we’ve put together a list of Blu-rays, DVD and a few other ideas for you to use when shopping for others or for putting on your own Christmas list. Or both. Some of the films below are from years past, but they all hit Blu-ray and/or DVD this year so they totally count for this gift guide. Click on the links to be magically transported to Amazon, AmazonUK and other places where lovely things can be found.



I just returned from vacation this afternoon, and yes, I did have a great time. Thanks for asking. I spent most of my days (and some of my nights) outside but still found time to check out this week’s DVD releases to help you determine which ones are worth owning, watching, and avoiding. This weeks titles include Limitless, Peep World, Take Me Home Tonight, Small Town Murder Songs, two TV series from the UK, and more! As always, if you see something you like, click on the image to buy it. Torchwood: The Complete Original UK Series A ragtag group of Brits and their American leader collect and use alien technology to stem the tide of intergalactic ne’re-do-wells. This UK series is a spirited blend of X-Files and Primeval in more ways than one, and as a sucker for both of those series I quickly became a fan of this one. It’s kind of a spinoff from Dr. Who, but that knowledge isn’t necessary to enjoy the action, stories, and fun exuding from many of these episodes. I only discovered the connection after watching the show and then reading up on the Captain Jack character via Wikipedia… something I don’t recommend until you finish the series for fear of spoilers.


why yes, i would like to eat you with a spoon

Amelie is one of my favorite films for many reasons, and only some of them have to do with Audrey Tautou’s performance and appearance. The remaining reasons are due entirely to director Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s incredible ability to mix powerful visuals, a wild imagination, and a beautiful narrative into one perfect film. He’s made other films of course, both very good (A Very Long Engagement) and mediocre (Micmacs), but while they vary in quality they never lack an appealing element of wonder. And now he has two new films possibly lined up for the near future. Miller already mentioned half of the Jeunet news in last night’s Movie News After Dark when he reported that the French director’s next film may be based on the novel The Selected Works of T.S. Spivet by Reif Larsen. The story follows a young boy who fancies himself an amateur cartographer as he works his way across America on his way to the Smithsonian Museum. I’m not familiar with the novel, but a child’s head sounds like the perfect place for Jeunet to focus his next film within. If he takes the project on it will also mark his first return to an English language film since the fun but understandably maligned Alien Resurrection.



Solid relationships are built on compromise. Meaning, when your boyfriend or girlfriend tells you they want to go see Something Borrowed or Thor this weekend and your gut reaction is “I’d rather have an eagle bite out my liver every day for an eternity than see that movie,” well, you have to suck it up. Not just because you’re trying to keep the two of you together, but because the movie may actually turn out to be your cup of tea. Open minds, people. I’ve been the “movie buff” in many a relationship, but this weekend’s line-up reminded me of the many discoveries I’ve made thanks to the differing opinions and interests of past significant others. For every sappy mother/daughter road trip drama (Anywhere But Here), fairy tale relationship come true (The Prince and Me), or by-the-books rom-com with a song for a title (Sweet Home Alabama), my girlfriends took me to a movie that — gasp — continues to resonate in my memory, challenge the way I watch films and remind me that I should get over myself once in awhile. Pretty impressive. I hope one of them felt that way when I sat them down to watch Jet Li’s The One. As a reminder to myself and to all that we don’t ever really know what we’re going to enjoy the heck out of, here are eight movies I would probably never have seen on my own volition. And then I turn the table on you: what movie […]


Circle of Jerks

You’ve stumbled upon Circle of Jerks, our sporadically published, weekly feature in which we ask the questions that really matter to our writers and readers. It’s a time to take a break from our busy lives and revel in the one thing that we all share: a deep, passionate love of movies. If you have a question you’d like answered by the FSR readers and staff, send us an email at The Oscars are coming up quick. Nominations are out this week. So, let’s say you have a time machine and can go back to any year to nominate a movie for Best Picture that didn’t get nominated. What would you pick? Me? Probably ALIEN. – Johnathan K.


The Dark Knight World Cup United States Round Three

The first two rounds of competition were a great warm up, but the competition gets ugly now as the wins come harder. No contest in that round exemplifies that more than the battle between the French representative and the USA rep. Amelie defeated District 9 in a surprise victory, and it goes into its round against The Dark Knight with momentum and the status as a fanboy killer. It will still have an uphill battle, because the US representative is (unlike the real World Cup) picked to win it all.


Movie World Cup Bracket Round Three

Wow. What a ride. After a full week of heated competition, we’ve been deposited here at the threshold of Round Three. The teams that survive what promises to be a brutal round of competition will be the final four standing, and will be only one more victory away from standing strong in the Championship Round. Many great films have fallen, and what remains includes a meddling French girl, a haunted hero in a cape and cowl, a man who spies on others, an ex-porn star, a young girl working for a witch, a man who would be king, impoverished youths in Brazil, and a girl caught between the horrors of WWII Spain and a giant faun.


District 9 World Cup Round Two South Africa

Here were are in the first match of Round Two. The Elite Eight is at stake with every pairing, and this might prove to be a tough one. District 9 defeated Sin Nombre in Round One, and Amelie blew Whisky out of the water, but now they face off against each other. Two heavy-weights in a bare-knuckle brawl for supremacy, and we’re not even to the finals yet.


Uruguay VS France

The second match up of Round One finds underdog Uruguay up against powerhouse France. It was going to be an uphill battle for the 2004 film Whisky, but going up against the Oscar-nominated, extremely well known Amelie might see it exiting the tournament in the first round unless there’s a massive upset.



As part of our epic, two week long Decade in Review, master of the Foreign Objects Rob Hunter lays down his picks of the best foreign language films of the decade.



A wise man once said, “French films are… too French.” For those who agree, here’s a list of eleven French films that will make you want to break out your DVD player’s poor, neglected subtitle option.

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