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Welcome back to This Week In Discs! If you see something you like, click on the title to buy it from Amazon. Game of Thrones: The Complete Third Season The naval assault against the Lannisters has failed, and that little prick Joffrey remains atop the throne. Elsewhere, Daenerys is gathering an army to join her and her trio of dragons, Robb Stark is working to mend fences and create allies, and the White Walkers are continuing their ridiculously slow journey towards civilization. I’ve never read the novels, and I can’t imagine doing so without photos so I can recognize who’s who in the enormous list of characters, but this is some wonderfully dense and entertaining television. Season three continues to follow numerous story threads and characters, and while some are more engaging than others there’s not a single dud among them. The production value remains high resulting not only in strong performances but also in brilliant production design and cinematography. And if you haven’t watched the ninth episode of this season yet… oh my. Enjoy. Beyond the actual quality of the series, HBO proves once again that they care about the packaging and special features more than any other network. The Blu-ray case, complete with slipcase, is once again a gorgeous and highly practical creation. [Blu-ray/DVD extras: Featurettes, commentaries, deleted scenes]


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As a number of box office reports will recognize, this was one of the weirdest weekends ever for new releases. For one thing, a documentary topped the chart for the three-day frame (there’s a chance it won’t win the whole four-day Labor Day weekend, however), and for another thing, a Spanish-language movie in limited release rounded out the top five highest grossing pics. Both of these bettered all other openers, including the action thriller Getaway and the British terrorism thriller Closed Circuit, which debuted Wednesday in a low-end yet still-wide release. It’s certainly the most curious weekend for box office numbers since a Bollywood movie opened in the top ten back in June. The doc at #1 is One Direction: This Is Us, and as far as I’m aware this is only the seventh nonfiction feature to open this high (the others are Fahrenheit 9/11, Michael Jackson: This Is It, Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour and the three Jackass movies — I would maybe count Borat, too, but many people would not), and the first since 2010. To show how bad a weekend this was overall, though, This Is Us debuted at almost half the amount that Justin Bieber: Never Say Never did, but sadly that one was just barely beat (by only a few hundred-k) by the Adam Sandler vehicle Just Go With It. Still, you can bet we’ll continue getting 3D music doc-busters starring the pop act du jour thanks to this distinction, even […]



This is another edition of Short Starts, where we present a weekly short film(s) from the start of a filmmaker or actor’s career. This weekend saw the limited release of Afternoon Delight, for which filmmaker Jill Soloway won the Directing Award at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. Of the feature, about a frustrated stay-at-home mom who takes in a young stripper/prostitute to be a live-in nanny, our own Kate Erbland wrote that lead actress “Kathryn Hahn is fantastic as ever” and that in spite of an uneven tone she “still frequently laughed and felt satisfied by its end.” Currently it’s only playing in New York and Los Angeles, but the film will go wider to most major cities on Friday (September 6th). Until then, you can get ready by watching Soloway’s first film, a short titled Una Hora Por Favora, which debuted at Sundance last year. The 13-minute comedy stars Michaela Watkins, who is apparently Soloway’s best friend and muse (who also appears in Afternoon Delight and stars in Soloway’s earlier Funny or Die sketch Tight) and was made for her as a kind of showcase. They shot it in three months with financing coming personally from the writer-director, who’s been in the business for a while as a writer and producer for such TV series as Six Feet Under and United States of Tara. The plot involves a lonely woman who picks up a day worker outside a hardware store to do “una hora” of plumbing work in her […]


Breathe In

Patterns tend to emerge when it comes to film festival programming – and not just when it comes to actors or filmmakers who return to show their newest works year after year, and not even as it applies to the type of films that always appear to be shoo-ins for the latest outing of a particular festival, but in a microcosmic way that’s unique to a single festival in a single year. Certain types of films end up getting made at the same time, and then they all seem to pop up at the same festival, unofficially turning a festival that’s not thematically arranged into one that features at least a mini version of a thematically grouped fest. This makes the concept sound a bit complicated, so let’s put it simply – it’s surprising how many films that address the same themes and tones and topics end up at the same festival at the same time, but it also happens all the time. (Anyone care to remember Sundance 2011, which featured a spat of cult-centric films?) At this year’s Sundance Film Festival another thematic pattern between new narrative films showed its face early, and it’s one that I grappled with way back then and still think about even now. Yesterday’s release of the trailer for the Kristen Bell-starring The Lifeguard only served to remind just how much the narrative features at Sundance 2013 were abnormally preoccupied with inappropriate relationships (yes, we’re talking the sexy kind of relationship), not just in […]



It’s likely that you’ve been taught all your life that nothing good could come of bringing the girl who gives you lap dances home and setting her up as the nanny of your child, but the debut feature from writer/director Jill Soloway, Afternoon Delight, seems to make a case for the opposite being true. In it the hilarious Kathryn Hahn plays a housewife who is dissatisfied with her sex life—probably because her husband is played by professional drip, Josh Radnor—so she decides to make an evening trip to the local strip club in order to spice things up. While there she receives a lap dance from a troubled youth played by Juno Temple, and quite unexpectedly the two get thrust into a relationship soon after. In addition to being a comedy of manners wherein a “full-service sex worker” moves into a relatively well-adjusted home, Afternoon Delight also appears to sprinkle in quite a few bits of dramatic intrigue via the Hahn character’s marital woes and the Temple character’s troubled past. Plus, it gives Jane Lynch a prominent role and profits off of letting her do that thing she does, as well. But, honestly, everyone was probably already sold at Juno Temple giving Kathryn Hahn a lap dance, so let’s stop the jibber-jabber and just take a look at what the trailer has to offer.


Hand stamps

I should have known it was coming on Sunday, when a perfectly attractive young lady who was sitting next to me on a Sundance Film Festival shuttle loudly huffed to a pal sitting behind us, “I haven’t even kissed anyone in a year! I just need to make out with someone tonight. Anyone!” Her sentiments were matched by just about everyone else on Day 5 of the Sundance Film Festival, as I witnessed high school dance-style bump and grind dancing at a swank party at the Grey Goose Lounge, a drunk man on Main St. screaming at a cab driver that he knew that the cab driver won’t pick him because he wanted to have sex with him (surely, sir, it could have nothing to do with the fact that you’re drunk and screaming in the middle of Main St. at two in the morning), and another taxi passenger asking random strangers if they had hookers or blow. Everyone at Sundance has gone mad and sex-obsessed and insane. Me? I was just tired.



Today’s Afternoon Delight is brought to you by the hit Showtime series Californication’s resident slice of heaven/piece of jailbait, Madeline Zima.


Amy Smart

Today’s Afternoon Delight is brought to you by Amy Smart and her bare-skinned moments in the thriller Mirrors.



Today’s Afternoon Delight is brought to you by How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, which hits theaters this Friday.



There is one good thing about the new Knight Rider TV show on NBC, and oddly enough she’s today’s Afternoon Delight.



Today’s Afternoon Delight is courtesy of actress Amber Heard. You may remember her as Seth Rogen’s 18-year old high school girlfriend from Pineapple Express.


Hayden Panettiere, Heroes

Today’s Afternoon Delight comes to us courtesy of the newly crowned “Hottest Star on TV,” Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester. It also includes two surprise guests…


Megan Fox in Transformers

Today’s Afternoon Delight comes courtesy of the chauvinist ways of Michael Bay. Thanks to his “make them hot” mentality, we were delivered Megan Fox’s titillating performance in 2007’s Transformers.


Kaitlin Olsen from Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia

No, she’s not one of those “Olsens.” Though we are pretty sure that if she were in a room with Mary-Kate and Ashley, she would either (a) drink them under the table or (b) kick their asses.


Gossip Girl Star Blake Lively

Today’s Afternoon Delight is Gossip Girl star Blake Lively. While I’m not too happy with the direction of the Dan and Serena storyline in Gossip Girl’s second season so far, I am a fan of Ms. Lively in her summer attire…


Olivia Wilde

Today’s afternoon delight is brought to you by a Russian stripper named Nikita who does the slow-grind to the riffs of Joe Perry.



A little birdie dropped this little video in my inbox earlier this afternoon, and as a man I feel it necessary to pass it along.

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