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The mere concept of Cowboys & Aliens had potential for summer greatness. This could have been crazy, ambitious, and all kinds of weird. Imagine cowboys getting into shootouts with bug-eyed creatures packing high-tech weaponry. Sounds awesome, right? Only a tad of that awesome made it to the screen, and overall, it’s good. One would think director Jon Favreau would use his clout from two hit films to craft a blockbuster with a little audacity, but he didn’t. Like his other works, this is about as safe as most blockbusters come, and that’s fine, mainly because the director is still miles ahead of most journeyman filmmakers. There’s a clear passion for clean fun in his movies, something many blockbusters lack. Iron Man, Zathura, and Elf are all audience-friendly fare that don’t have a lick of divisiveness, and Cowboys & Aliens fits in comfortably with those films. Faverau is, at the end of the day, a solid popcorn filmmaker. Most of his efficiency behind the camera shines through in Cowboys & Aliens, as do a few of his weaknesses. Here’s a little of that awesome and a bit of the weaknesses. Note: This list does include spoilers.



San Diego’s Comic-Con has come and gone once again with 2011 marking my fourth straight year of attendance. Living in Los Angeles, it’s easy for me to shoot down there for the weekend, but beyond that, I actually like Comic-Con, seemingly unlike the majority of my colleagues. It’s only been three days since the Con ended, which means the memories are still fresh and the bones still ache, so it’s a perfect time to pop some Advil and reflect on SDCC, on the good and on the bad. Without further words to flush out the introductory paragraphs on the homepage, I present to you Comic Con 2011: 10 Things I Liked, 5 I Didn’t.



Editor’s Note: Spoilers have been CGI’d into this article. Please be warned. There are two types of people in the world: those that were eagerly awaiting Michael Bay’s third film in the Transformers franchise and those that were eagerly awaiting being able to shit on another one of his movies. There are few directors who have such a divisive line between love and hate among audiences. Uwe Boll is probably 95% hated, Spielberg probably 95% loved, and guys like Tarantino somewhere around 70% loved. Bay seems to be 50/50. Half the people absolutely embrace his sexy, patriotic slow-motion explosion escapades while the other half think he couldn’t craft a story on how to get out of a brown paper bag that wasn’t tedious, over-long, and poorly written. Luckily for everyone, Film School Rejects has two Roberts, each from different Bay camps. So below find 10 Things from Transformers: Dark of the Moon that Robert Fure liked and 10 Things Rob Hunter didn’t.


Green Lantern

So much potential and so much promise… and yet so much blandness. I had been trying to stay as hopeful as one could when it came to Green Lantern. Even after Neil – who I usually think is spot on when it comes to his criticisms – posted his review, I still held on to what little optimism I could maintain. “Perhaps Green Lantern would be this summer’s G.I. Joe, a film that is so cartoonish that you just can’t help but to laugh with it,” I thought. But, boy, was I wrong. Green Lantern is no laughing matter. Green Lantern + The guy who reinvented Bond twice + Reynolds’ mojo + Great Sarsgaard + Potential for Space Battles + Mark Strong as Sinestro = what should’ve been a real event film. Wha happened?



Editor’s Note: This article contains words that often arrange themselves into SPOILERS and should not be read by anyone. Cole Abiaus was a bit too kind in his full review of Super 8 and glossed over the disaster that is the film’s third act, but it’s still worth a read for everything he got right, so check it out here. As a response to the review and to start a discussion on some of the film’s secrets, Robert Fure and Rob Hunter have compiled the list below of the things they liked and the things they didn’t. Give it a read and then let us know what you thought of the movie below.



If you are rabid fan of the disgusting, this was your weekend. Jackass 3D hit theaters and took depravity to a whole new dimension. Already flirting with box office records, albeit in extremely specific categories, it’s hard to deny Jackass 3D is a hit. As much as I want to denounce all the lowbrow shenanigans, Jackass came onto the scene at the perfect time to wedge a silly little place in my heart. The show and the first movie came out when I was in high school; the second movie when I was in college. Though my tastes may have evolved since then, I wasn’t surprised to find 10 things I liked about Jackass 3D, and only 5 things I didn’t


Comic Con 2010 Hall H

The San Diego Comic-Con is a strange thing. Leading up to it there’s anticipation, fear, excitement. Many of these emotions survive the first few days and you might even add a few: joy, rage, disappointment, wonderment. By the time you’re ready to leave, your body is aching and all you want to do is punch Jack Giroux in the face and sleep for 14 hours on the biggest, softest bed you can find. This year was no different. Going into Comic-Con there were certain things I was looking forward to – some of them hit the spot, others fell flat, one or two didn’t even end up being there. While I would classify the trip as a success that isn’t to say that each day didn’t bring a fair share of rage with it. So, I’ll cut to the chase and reveal the 10 Things I Liked about SDCC 2010, and 5 Things that left me cold.


A Predator about to turn into a werewolf

Editor’s Note: As with many of our Ten and Five articles, this article does contain spoilers. Consider yourself warned. For some, Predators may be the sequel to a beloved film catalyst that they’ve been waiting for. This may be because of how beloved the original is or how absolutely atrocious the franchise became almost instantaneously, but for whatever reason, fans seem stoked to see their favorite mandible-flexing killing machines on screen again. The film is a fun one. Unfortunately it’s marred by some of the same sort of crappy issues that plagued most mindless action films of the 1980s. Call it homage, but we had presumably moved on, grown up, and learned how to make an action movie without forcing the audience to turn their brains off. In FSR’s continued commitment to numbering everything, here’s the 5 things I enjoyed about Predators and the 10 things I didn’t.



While they may not have dominated the box office with their crazy tactics and awesome weapons, the A-Team did entertain. You know the deal.



Neil Miller isn’t a fan of Ridley Scott’s new film. At all. Robert Fure and I disagree, and while neither of us love the movie we both think it deserves a fairer shake than the D+ grade Miller awarded it. And here’s why…



Critical consensus be damned, our horror guru dug the hell out of A Nightmare on Elm Street and wants to share his thoughts with you.



While summer generally doesn’t kick-off until May, The Losers didn’t get that memo and packed the boat full of guns, explosions, and slow-motion booty shots to give us an action filled intro to the warmer months.



While other Rejects may have enjoyed the film, Robert Fure pepper sprays Observe and Report in the face and then mercilessly beats it into the pavement. See if you agree inside.


Watchmen Header

Zack Snyder’s Watchmen film has been hotly debated since it was announced, and now that the film is upon us was it a hit or a miss? We found 10 Super qualities and 5 Impotent ones.


10 Things and 5 Things for Friday the 13th

Jason Voorhees found about 13 victims he didn’t like and killed them. Fans of the franchise found about $42 million things to like. Robert Fure found 10 things he embraced and 5 he was willing to slash.



Quantum of Solace is bringing in tons of cash and a wheelbarrow full of of mixed reviews. Superspy Robert Fure found 10 Things he liked and 5 Things he didn’t. See if you agree.



Two Role Models + 2 Strange Kids = #2 at the Box Office. Robert Fure + 10 Likes + 5 Dislikes = This column. See math is fun!



Robert Fure polished his tin star and took a ride through the Old West with Ed Harris’ “Appaloosa” and thought it swell. But it wasn’t perfect. Here’s what worked and what didn’t.

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