Oscar Week – Celebrating the 80th Annual Academy Awards

FSR Presents Oscar Week 2008
Welcome to Oscar Week here at Film School Rejects. Just as in years past, we are going to hit you with everything Oscar for the next seven days leading up to the 80th Annual Academy Awards Ceremony on Sunday February 24, 2008.

This year we have our entire writing team working hard to bring you hard-hitting features as well as an in-depth breakdown of every single category for this year’s Awards. We will also bring you special spotlights on each of the five nominees for Best Picture. And last but certainly not least, we will have all of our regular weekly features decked out in Oscar gold! So stay tuned, because it is going to be one hell of a week!

Take a look at the list below to see when you can expect to see the feature articles for each individual category. (Titles will become links once the articles are posted each day.)

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Best Picture

Michael Clayton – by Nate Deen
No Country for Old Men – by Josh Radde
Juno – by Neil Miller
Atonement – by Robin Ruinsky
There Will Be Blood – by Cole Abaius

Featured Oscar Articles

Sunday February 17:

Talking Points: The Suprises of Oscar – by Neil Miller
Movie Posters: The Best Picture Nominees – by Neil Miller

Monday February 18:

Best Documentary Feature – by Cole Abaius
Best Film Editing – by Kevin Carr
The Best Films That Never Won a Best Picture Oscar – by Maggie Van Ostrand

Tuesday February 19:

Best Visual Effects – by Brian Gibson
Best Art Direction – by Robert Fure
Best Cinematography – by Josh Radde
Ten Best Oscar Best Pictures of All-Time – by El Bicho

Wednesday February 20:

Best Original Score – by Kevin Gustafson
Best Original Song – by Brian Gibson
The Ten Greatest Filmmakers/Actors to Never Win an Oscar – by Nathan Deen

Thursday February 21:

Best Original Screenplay – by Robert Fure
Best Adapted Screenplay – by Rob Hunter
Movie Style Guy: The Academy Party – by Robert Fure
Fat Guys at the Movies Special Oscar Show – hosted by Kevin Carr and Neil Miller

Friday February 22:

Best Actor in a Leading Role – by Paige MacGregor
Best Actress in a Leading Role – by Josh Radde
Best Actor in a Supporting Role – by Henry Stewart
Best Actress in a Supporting Role – by Robin Ruinsky

Saturday February 23:

Best Director – by Kevin Carr
Best Foreign Language Film – by Loukas Tsouknidas
Best Animated Feature Film – by Neil Miller
The Ten Worst Best Picture Winners of All-Time – by El Bicho
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