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One of the oldest marketing adages is that sex sells, and that’s true in the collectibles realm as well. Given that the majority of toy and statue collectors are in a demographic that appreciates a little cheesecake with their meal, it’s no surprise that there’s no shortage of sex appeal in the action figure hobby. I’m excluding resin statues and busts right now, as well as anime-inspired toys, because those are entire discussions and lists on their own. Here’s a look at ten of the sexiest action figures to hit the market. (Click any of the images to enlarge — no pun intended)


1. Vampirella

Moore Action Collectibles produced this Vampirella action figure, complete with an awesome graveyard and moon display base. There were several versions of the figure on the market-the standard one shown here, as well as a Halloween special edition with a black outfit and red moon and a limited edition featuring Julie Strain’s likeness as Vampirella. My personal favorite is the standard red outfit one. The overall sculpt and design is so hot that they even released two versions of this one’s packaging-one with Vampirella facing forward and one with her backside on display.

You can see more shots of Vampirella in my complete review here: Link
The official Vampirella site also has a Quicktime VR 360 look at the toy: Link

Sydney Savage

2. Sydney Savage

Sydney is the first action figure from McFarlane Toys on this list, but it’s definitely not the last. Syd was part of the Danger Girl toy line McFarlane released in 1999, based on J. Scott Campbell’s signature comic book of the 90’s. In the series, Sydney was a saucy Aussie with a penchant for including whips in her secret agent arsenal. All the figures in the Danger Girl line were cool, but this is the one that takes home the prize for me.

You can see more shots of Sydney and the rest of the Danger Girls at McFarlane’s official website: Link


3. Dawn

Like I said, don’t expect for McFarlane to disappear from this list very quickly. They’ve always had a trend of producing fantastically hot toys, and this piece based on Joseph Linsner’s comic book goddess Dawn is no exception. Featuring Dawn in one of her myriad outfits, this one boasting a see-through skull-embroidered top, this figure came to stores in 1999, right around the time the Danger Girls hit. Dawn is known for her eternal triple tears and her red hair that always covers one eye. McFarlane nailed the likeness here and gave us a classic and sexy collectible.

The rest of my Dawn action figure photos are in my complete review here: Link

Lara Croft

4. Lara Croft

What list of hotties would be complete without visiting Tomb Raider’s adventurer extraordinaire, Lara Croft? There have been a lot of Tomb Raider action figures released over the years, but Sideshow Toys looks to have finally hit the perfect balance of sexiness and kick-assery with their upcoming 12″ figure based on Lara’s look in the Tomb Raider Legend game. Lara comes with her Arctic gear from the game, but if you’re not happy with her cold weather wear, you can change her into her short shorts and midriff shirt, which also come with the figure.

You can see more shots on Sideshow’s official website: Link

Queen Gorgo

5. Queen Gorgo

Before she was kicking Terminator ass as Sarah Connor, Lena Headey was Spartan Queen Gorgo in Frank Miller’s 300. NECA had the license for the action figures based on the movie, and they didn’t skimp when it came to making the Gorgo. The likeness isn’t exactly Lena Headey, but the hotness is undeniable. She comes draped in the white gown from the movie, and according to the OAFE feature on the figure, you can make her a little more “NSFW” if you choose.

Photo credit: Matt & Kristy at Flickr

Nancy Callahan

6. Nancy Callahan

Another big movie line NECA was Sin City, based on yet another Frank Miller property. They produced two full waves of action figures, and both waves came with both black and white and color versions of the characters. Jessica Alba stole the sex appeal spotlight in the film, and her action figure was one of the first released in the line. Dressed in her signature cowgirl gear, Nancy Callahan came out with both straight and wavy haired versions, in addition to the B&W and color releases.


7. CyGirls

When it comes to the CyGirls, it’s hard to pick just one. This whole line of 12″ action figures from Blue Box Toys is based around the concept of providing super hot females as detailed action figures. After the initial releases of the CyGirls, a whole culture has sprung up from people customizing their CyGirls into new looks and even into recognizable superheroines.

Photo credit: inkboy1969 at Flickr


8. Catwoman

DC Direct has an ongoing line of deluxe 13″ action figures that have been getting better and better with each release, and the hottest of the females to drop so far has been Catwoman. She comes with her current comics look, goggles, unzippable vinyl catsuit, and all.

Photo credit: Shaun Wong at Flickr

Mrs. Claus

9. Mrs. Claus

Here’s another one from McFarlane Toys, as they celebrate Christmas by putting the “ho” back into “Holidays.” Mrs. Claus released in the 2007 holiday season as part of McFarlane’s Twisted Christmas line. She comes with a couple of naughty Elves, as well as her very own candy cane stripper pole.

There are more shots of Mrs. Claus at McFarlane’s official website: Link

Tiffany II

10. Tiffany II

Wrapping up the list is a last appearance from McFarlane Toys. This Tiffany action figure is the only entry in the list from their bread-and-butter Spawn line, but there are plenty of other beauties that have been released under the license over the years. Tiffany is an Amazon sporting some wickedly skimpy armor and blue tattoos / warpaint. Head to toe and back to front, it’s hard to argue that she’s not one of McFarlane’s sexiest Spawn femmes to date.

You can see the rest of my Tiffany II photos in the Flickr set here: Link

Character You’d Think Would Be On The List:

Slave Leia

Slave Leia

There’s been over twenty-five years worth of hype over Princess Leia and her slave outfit from Return of the Jedi, so you’d think that by now there’d be a suitably hot representation of that look as an action figure. Sadly, that’s not the case. There have been numerous attempts to capture Slave Leia as an action figure, but there’s nothing that does her justice in the poseable toy realm.

Photo credit: Shadow Viking at Flickr

Toys That Wanted To Be On The List But… Aren’t:

Adult Superstars

Adult Superstars

If you wanted to make a line of action figures 100% targeted toward the above mentioned demographic, why not just throw all pretense of art to the wind and make a series of porn star toys? That’s exactly what Plastic Fantasy did a few years ago, unleashing the likes of Jenna Jameson and other alliteratively named ladies onto the market. The end result was a bunch of female action figures, most fairly cheap looking, that came with rubbery outfits you could pull off them. Classy, very classy. I feel skeezy even Googling up photos of these things.

So there you have it… Ten of the hottest female action figures and a couple of mentions of ones that didn’t make the list. Check back next week for my next feature, and keep an eye out in the future for a continuation of this article with a look at collectible statues and anime-related toys. Also be sure to check out my own site at www.Mechazilla.com for daily toy news and reviews.

Jason is originally from Atlanta, GA, and like many children of the 80's, his youth was a mixture of Star Wars, He-Man, and GI Joe. He has a degree in Computer Science from Georgia Tech and has been working in the comics and collectibles industry since 1999. Jason is a lifelong fan of toys and collecting and runs the collectibles blog www.Mechazilla.com. His favorite movies include the Star Wars saga, Kill Bill, Sin City, Can't Hardly Wait, and Garden State, and he's a complete TV addict for loads of series including Battlestar Galactica, Lost, Alias, Dexter, Buffy, and Doctor Who. His comics tastes run in the Marvel vein, and Daredevil and Elektra hold special places in his heart. He currently lives and works near Universal Studios and Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL.

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