X-Men Origins Wolverine: Solving the Deadpool Mystery

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If I were to be kind to myself, I’d say that I was passionate about my likes.  If I were to be honest, I’d say I’m a rabid pit bull about the things I’m excited by and will, without hesitation, flip through the air and utterly destroy those who ruin said things.  Verbally, of course.  It should be no surprise then, that when news on the appearance of Deadpool started going south, towards shit town, I got a little over excited and blew my top.  I then turned all that rage into furious Googling, looking for answers, which I will break down below.

Known Facts

  • Ryan Reynolds has been cast as “Wade Wilson / Deadpool.”
  • Scott Adkins is in the film, possibly as a character called “Weapon XI.”
  • Wolverine’s code designation is “Weapon X.”

And that’s where things start to get a little hazy.  We’ve clearly seen Ryan Reynolds in action with his pretty-boy face on, swirling swords around. Cool.  Then, in a preview, we see a mysterious mutant with a shaved head, red pants, markings on his chest and face, and blades coming out of his hands.  We initially believe this may be “Weapon XI,” portrayed by Scott Adkins.  Then, images of toys appear online, identifying the strange, bald character as “Deadpool.”  Anger begins.  This toy is confirmed on 3 different images – a standard action figure, and on two different packages of mini-toys, one labeled “The Hunt for Mr. Sinister” which shows Deadpool in the bottom frame and the other “Wolverine on the Run” which shows Deadpool in the main frame.  It is highly unlikely that all three packages would have been mislabeled.


When the final Wolverine trailer was recently released online, we got more looks at what is undeniably Deadpool, assuming the packaging is correct – which it probably is.  Strangely, in this “final” trailer, the face of the character is seen clearly and it is definitely not Ryan Reynolds, but rather it bears more resemblance to Scott Adkins.  What strikes me as strange – the actor has make up on the face.  This is a trailer that is presumably complete.  We had heard there would be CGI involved in creating Deadpool’s face.  This actor has his mouth melded shut.  So that would point to this being a final look at the face of Deadpool – which is most definitely not Ryan Reynolds.


Should we further prove that this is Deadpool?  The website ToplessRobot received an image that had this text on the packing:  With the ultimate mutant, Deadpool, on the loose, Logan and Victor Creed are forced to team up- or be destroyed. A reader contacted that site and informed them that the text was printed on a sticker – and underneath that sticker was this text:  The Weapon 11 program has created the ultimate mutant-DEADPOOL! As the mutant menace rampages across Three Mile Island, Logan and Victor Creed are forced to team up–or be destroyed. Knowing your Roman Numerals, Weapon 11 would be Weapon XI. Does this make sense?  Yes – considering the footage in the trailer.  The half-naked Baraka like  character is on top of a water cooling station and we see a water cooling tower collapse earlier in the trailer.   As a native of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (Represent!) I can state that those towers and the surrounding landscape look very much like Three Mile Island.  Add in this statement from Hugh Jackman today from USA Today:  The action scenes Ryan has with swords are unbelievable. By the end of the movie, they are definitely foes. So clearly, Ryan Reynolds, cast as Deadpool, is an enemy at the end of the film.  Perhaps the kind of enemy you fight on a tower at Three Mile Island?


This ends what we know for sure – and some of it may still be up for debate, mostly if your tinfoil hat is on tightly.  From this point forward, I’m going to jump into some speculative territory, talk about what may be happening, and relate some rumors I’ve culled from around the net.


  • It would be foolish to dismiss all of this evidence and believe this strange, pantsless mutant is anyone other than Deadpool.  That many mistakes and coincidences is virtually impossible.
  • The character history of Deadpool was that his experience at the Weapon X program was considered a failure.  His healing factor never developed quickly, he was killed and thrown away.  Some fan speculation has turned to the idea that this is a new origin of Deadpool – he has been created into a super mutant, perhaps after failing to become more of a Wolverine clone?
  • An IMDb user has said he has witnessed footage of the film from this final fight.  He confirms that this is Deadpool, but HUGE SPOILER TIME – that Wolverine messes Deadpool up bad.  Cutting off his arms and the like.  His body then rejects the implants and the process, fracturing his mind and getting rid of the tattoos, the other powers and the blades in his arms.  This same source indicates that Deadpool would be horribly scarred – what better way to burn someone incredibly than with a live nuclear reactor?
  • Deadpool’s mouth is sewn shut.  How can the “Merc with a mouth” have that happen? Because he talks too much.  I started thinking about this and the IMDb user calling it “a gag-” which could be either a gag to shut someone up or a gag like a joke.  What little we’ve heard from Reynolds in the trailers are wise-crack jokes.  The Marvel honchos love his energy.  Speculation would then become that Wade Wilson talks too much, so the program seals his mouth to shut him up.


  • Ryan Reynolds loves Deadpool.  There is talk of a spinoff if Wolverine does well.  Could this entire spectacle be a revised origin, resulting in a Super charged Deadpool that finds himself burned in a nuclear reactor, horribly scarred, rejecting these strange powers, having his healing factor kick in, and needing to blabber more than ever to make up for all the time he spent with his mouth sewn shut?  Maybe.  Just maybe there is something here.

CONCLUSIONS / Possible Spoilers If I’m Right

deadpool_reynoldsIt is my personal belief, from all this data, that Ryan Reynolds is Wade Wilson/Deadpool.  This character is then, perhaps forcibly, subjected to intense testing to make him a multi-powered mutant.  He is given the optic blasts of Cyclops and possibly jams his own swords into his fists, or has them implanted, to be more like Wolverine.  Deadpool will possibly be played by Scott Adkins at this point, or perhaps some CGI was missing.  But he will be bald and as we’ve seen, with his mouth fused to shut him up and red pants on.  He then is engaged in battle with Wolverine (and Sabretooth) at Three Mile Island.  At the  conclusion of the battle, his arms are possibly cut off and he is badly burned at the nuclear facility.  His mutant healing power kicks in or is amplified by the radiation.  He gets cancer and horribly disfigured skin, like in the comics.  His body rejects all the previous modifications and his mouth is freed.  Deadpool is born as the insane merc with a mouth we know and love, portrayed with a CGI enhanced/destroyed face by Ryan Reynolds.  A Deadpool/Wilson that has had his mind messed with and then fractured could easily be turned into a likable hero, rather than some super-villain with tons of powers should his spin-off ever really happen.

So was my temper tantrum justified?  Probably not.  But I didn’t kill anyone (my aim sucks when I’m mad).  Did Fox screw this up?  Possibly not.  Hugh Jackman is on as a producer and Ryan Reynolds is a super fan.  It is possible that what we get in this movie is Deadpool as a villain with a brand new origin.  Does this upset me?  No.  If this is the truth and it leads to a comic inspired version of Deadpool, I will do a happy dance, jigging across bar tops.

No matter what, I’ll be seeing this movie.  No matter what, I will post my reaction to what I see – whether that involves destroying a small city or spraying my fellow Rejects with champagne remains to be seen.  I won’t say I’m sorry I flipped out, after all I do write Boiling Point every week and it forced me to go looking for answers.  Maybe next time I’ll take some time to breathe first, but I doubt it.  For now, my hopes of an awesome Deadpool and a great Wolverine film are back on track and I’m getting ready to be a big fan of Reynolds’ Deadpool and a supporter of a spinoff.  Provided this is close to being right.

The following sites were utilized in my research:

Deadpool Bugle

MTV Splash Page

IMDb Message Board


What do you think about this Deadpool mess?  Will he be played by two people?  Are Weapon XI and Deadpool the same person?  If this is a new origin – how would you respond?  Talk, my friends, talk!

Robert Fure is many things: horror expert, ruggedly handsome man of the world, witty prose composer, and writer of his own biography page. Beneath the bravado is a scared little boy, ready to grow into an awesome man and make lies about a scared little boy inside of him. Wait a minute...

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