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Prepare for the Sunday Night Premiere of ‘Liz & Dick’ With This Photo Gallery Packed With Laughs

Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor.” That will just never get old. From the moment Lifetime’s “biopic” (term used incredibly loosely) of the tumultuous relationship between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, now known simply as Liz & Dick, was announced, we’ve had a bit of field day with the project here at FSR. Well, more specifically, I’ve had a field day with it. Is it even remotely possible that this film will be good? (The answer, according to the recent glut of reviews of the film, is a resounding “no.”) That question out of the way, is it even remotely possible that this film will become a modern camp classic? (Sight unseen, we’re going with a big old “yes.”)

One hint (beyond all those smashing, in every sense of the word, reviews)? Just look at the marketing on this thing! Specifically, look at some of the stills that Lifetime has released in support of the project! From the first official still, to a closer look at the film’s two stars in character, to one of the worst movie posters we’ve ever had the good fortune to post, not a single frame of Liz & Dick has managed to convince us that the film is a good idea. With the film’s television premiere just days away, why not spend some quality Black Friday time looking back (and looking forward to the film) with a nice, juicy gallery of Liz & Dick stills. So much more satisfying than stuffing.

Check out 14 photos from Liz & Dick after the break – feel free to giggle, it’ll help burn off that turkey in your tummy.

Liz & Dick premieres on Lifetime this Sunday, November 25th, at 9PM. [Lifetime, Hollywood.com]

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