The Film School Rejects’ Guide to The Muppets

The Film School Rejects' Guide to The Muppets

It’s time to start the music. It’s time to light the lights. It’s time to get things started on this epic Thanksgiving weekend, in which we will all once again meet The Muppets. The affair between Miss Piggy and Kermit The Frog rages on, the shenanigans of Gonzo and his poultry posse continue, and the likes of Scooter, Rowlf, the Swedish Chef and even Electric Mayhem are all here and ready to party. Yes, on Wednesday, November 23, Disney’s latest entry into the franchise featuring some of Jim Henson’s most beloved creations will hit theaters, and The Muppets will look to connect with generations of happy moviegoers, young and old.

In celebration of The Muppets, and because we simply love those little puppets, the Film School Rejects team will be presenting our Official Guide to the Muppets. Within said guide, you will find a number of fascinating articles, everything from our review of The Muppets to our looks back at Muppet movies of old, to features about the music of The Muppets, a guide to the characters, things we’ve learned from The Muppets over the years and yes, even a Muppets drinking game. There’s something here for everyone. So stay tuned as we spend this entire week celebrating our old friends, The Muppets.

You can find links to all of our Muppets Guide articles below, so bookmark this page and come back throughout the week (links in red below are already published, while others in bold are coming soon).

Remembering The Muppets

Remembering The Muppets: A Muppet Family Christmas
Allison Loring takes us on a trip back in time to the introduction of The Muppet babies in that great ‘other’ Muppets Christmas movie.

Scenes We Love: Champagne Dinner in The Muppet Movie
Gwen Reyes takes a look at one of the funniest, most intimate and lovely scenes from the 1979 classic.

Remembering The Muppets: The Muppet Movie
Neil Miller busts out his VHS copy of the road trip classic to share his love of the film that kickstarted his love for The Muppets.

Remembering The Muppets: Follow That Bird
Apparently there are few people in the world that love Follow that Bird like our own Kate Erbland, so we couldn’t help but let her celebrate that passion.

Jim Henson and the Muppet Legacy He Left Behind
Robin Ruinsky looks back at the legendary father of The Muppets and his immense impact on the world of entertainment. 

Cover that Song! A Look Back at the Best of The Muppets’ Musical Numbers
Our musically inclined expert Allison Loring looks back at the best of the musical numbers in the history of The Muppets.

Meeting The Muppets All Over Again

Review: The Muppets Makes Us Feel Soft As Felt
Brian Salisbury gets quite gooey over our felt friends in his review of the all new film, Disney’s The Muppets.

Interview: The Muppets Director James Bobin
Kate Erbland sits down with the man tasked with bringing The Muppets back to the silver screen.

Interview:  A Chat with Walter the Muppet
Kate Erbland gets some one-on-one time with the latest edition to The Muppet clan.

The Muppets: An Epic Photo Gallery
We’ve rounded up all of the photos from the new Muppets movie and placed them in one massive, high resolution gallery for all to see and enjoy.

The Muppets Go Parody
Neil Miller takes a look back at the marketing of The Muppets, including all the fun parody movie trailers Disney used to remind us that it’s time to start the music once again.

You Tell Us: What Did You Think of The Muppets?
When the film finally hits theaters on Wednesday, we’ll give all of you, our beloved readers, a chance to sound off and give us your review of The Muppets.

More on The Muppets

Discuss: Who is Your Favorite Muppet?
Kevin Carr leads us all in a discussion of who is the most popular muppet. Are you a Kermit kind of guy? A Gonzo kind of gal? Or do you have greater affection for the supporting cast, like Beaker?

Over/Under: The Muppets Take Manhattan vs. Muppet Treasure Ending
Nathan Adams uses his weekly column, Overpraised/Underrated, to decide which Muppet movies bookend the spectrum of enjoyable. 

10 Things We’ve Learned from The Muppets
Kevin Carr walks us through all the great lessons The Muppets have taught us over the years.

Reel Sex: Sexual Politics Between Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog
Resident sex columnist Gwen Reyes puts enough thought into the prime romance of The Muppets to make your head spin, your heart warm and your funny bone tingle.

Merch Hunter #18: The Muppets Merch Special
Simon Gallagher travels the world (of eBay) in search of lost treasures from a time long forgotten (the 1980s) to bring us a list of awesome Muppet-related memorabilia. Prepare your highest limit credit cards for this particular toy tour.

Weekly DVD Drinking Game: The Muppets
Sure, The Muppets is going to be a family affair. But what if you’re without children to use as your excuse? If you’re going to be part of that group of 20 (or 30) somethings heading out to recapture childhood memories, you might also have fun imbibing along the way.