Zach Braff, Michael Bay and Ghostbusters Star in the 10 Best Movie Stories of the Week


Welcome to another edition of the Reject Recap, where we highlight the past week’s best news and original features from this very movie site and others around the web. You might notice the format is slightly different this time around. You also might notice that we’ve only selected stuff posted to FSR. Part of this is because I’m at a film festival this weekend and didn’t have as much time to browse our friends’ sites. Part is because our writers banged out a lot of great stuff the past few days. Surely you’ll agree while playing catch up.

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What’s Great at Tribeca 2013?

review kill teamWinner of Best Documentary Feature: “The Kill Team is the most daring documentary of the year so far…this is an example of real journalistic bravery, both in its content and its composition. Its subject matter is among the most challenging in recent memory, the case of the Maywand District murders. At least three innocent Afghan civilians were killed by U.S. Army soldiers in early 2010, to be charged later that year. To even bring this story to the screen takes a certain amount of chutzpah…perhaps the first truly essential issue-driven documentary of the year.” – Daniel Walber

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Should Zach Braff Be Using Kickstarter to Fund His Movie?

Zach Braff Wish I Was Here“The answer most likely lies with Braff’s insistence on final cut and casting clearance. It seems likely that Sher and Shamberg could have delivered several good financing options for the project that didn’t have those provisions, and Braff turned them down in exchange for more creative freedom…it will be interesting to see whether it sails through Sundance to find distribution from Fox Searchlight — a scenario which exactly zero people will fail to see coming.” – Scott Beggs



Could Daredevil Join The Avengers?

Daredevil“Marvel head Kevin Feige announced that his company has the rights to Daredevil back after Fox failed to get a new production off the ground…This means that Marvel not only has the power to create their own stand-alone Daredevil movie, they can also use the character within the rest of the giant movie universe they’ve created. So who’s looking forward to the post-credits sequence when Nick Fury visits the offices of a bright young lawyer from Hell’s Kitchen because S.H.I.E.L.D. is looking for new talent?” – Scott Beggs

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Is Michael Bay An Auteur?

michaelbayshirt“We all know a Bay creation when we see it, and much of that comes from the mind’s more subconscious, inner workings. Bay doesn’t necessarily repeat himself, but there are reoccurring details which appear in most his movies, all of which further his status as an auteur…Even without autobiographical elements, his signature is clearly, boldly visible on every film that he makes. Usually it’s written in gasoline and lit matches. Or urine and damsels in distress. Nevertheless, his work is signed with a consistent vision.” – Jack Giroux

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What Happens After Oblivion Ends?

review oblivionSPOILERS “What about all the other Jack Harper clones that are out there? By their assigned numbers alone, there’s likely at least 50 other Jacks out there still stupidly guarding seawater vacuums and making love to Victoria in their sky pool. The geography is never all that clear, but some of them might even be as little as a few miles away, repairing drones that break along the coast in New Jersey or Delaware. They are going to be really confused when communication with the Tet ceases, and they’re brought into the fold. Probably about as confused as everyone who went to see Oblivion.” – Scott Beggs



The Final Word on Spoilers

Rosebud-ck“The only malleable factor at play here is the time frame since there obviously needs to be some kind of rational expiration date for when a spoiler is no longer a spoiler. When people have to start swimming at their own risk while those who know open the flood gates. Just as some people might think hearing that Sheriff Rick loses his hat in an upcoming episode is a spoiler, others may take offense at learning Rosebud is a sled. Those people are idiots, but the statute of limitations is an honest question. So how long is it? Five years? Twelve months? The correct answer is 42 weeks.” – Rob Hunter



Animated GIFS Are More Than Cinema

Kushelov Effect gif“Animated gifs make the viewer/reader aware of the processional movement of images. The frame rate is visible and sound is absent, both of which foreground the fact that we’re witnessing the rapid juxtaposition of still images rather than movement itself, an illusion that cinema routinely hides so effectively. The fact that the same series of images is repeated over and again in the gif reiterates this point ad infinitum.” – Landon Palmer




The Long Goodbye Is Better Than Chinatown

a Robert Altman The Long Goodbye Elliott Gould THE_LONG_GOODBYE-2(3)“The reason The Long Goodbye is so successful is that it’s all freaky shit. Every moment of this movie is packed with personality, and Altman puts the focus there instead of on the underhanded dealings and double-crossings going on. The plot stuff gets pretty intricate, and the dialogue can include a lot of exposition, but it’s all so disconnected to what you’re actually enjoying that you tend to tune it out. And the characters tune it out as well, trailing off and getting lost in asides. While Chinatown introduces characters that play like noir archetypes, The Long Goodbye is populated with unique eccentrics who are wildly interesting and find themselves trapped within the framework of noir tropes.” – Nathan Adams



What Makes Singin’ In the Rain One of the Greatest Movies of All Time?

Singin in the Rain“It illustrates how incredibly difficult it is to make ‘good entertainment,’ which has such a passive connotation. Very few films on this list exist to be merely entertainment like Singin‘, and it’s a ton of work simply to put on a show and make audiences smile (which is especially apparent given that Singin‘ wasn’t universally beloved upon first release)… So many movies exist just for entertainment, but my frustration with Hollywood is that so few of them are actually adequately entertaining. Singin’ in the Rain is a blast, and it shows that, despite a Hollywood that can be fucked up in many ways, that work arguably pays off with many returns.” – Landon Palmer



The Most Hellish Prison In a Movie Is…

Storage_facility_01“The Storage Facility in Ghostbusters…can you even imagine what it’s like in there? Look at the ghosts – they range from innocent jogger to Titanic victims to giant-mouthed ghouls. Is there any sense of separation once they all get stuck in that big red machine, or is it just a phantom battle royale? When you think about it, the Ghostbusters basically created a second-hell. A man made one. That’s why the paranormal keeps coming after them, because the devil doesn’t like competition.” – David Christopher Bell



Rather than a reject, Christopher Campbell is a film school dropout. But he has since gotten a master’s degree in cinema studies and has been blogging about movies since 2005. Earlier, he reviewed films for a zine (a what?) that you could buy at Tower Records (a what?). He is married with two children.

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