The Ten Best Cinematic Fights of 2008


We Rejects love our action and we sure as hell like watching men, women, monsters, and superheroes whip the crap out of each other on the big screen.  This year didn’t have the all-out ass kickery of a 300 or the hardcore spy-beatdowns of a Bourne movie, but we found these fight scenes to be pretty memorable.

10.  Cloverfield – The Monster vs New York

The Ten Best Fights of 2008

Cloverfield came through in a couple of ways this year, managing to live up to the hype and deliver a fun cinema experience best summed up with the word “Wow.”  When this behemoth whipped through New York, smashing bridges and fighting off the military, we were overjoyed.

9.  The Wrestler – The Ram vs The Ayatollah

The Ten Best Fights of 2008

While the fight itself isn’t anything amazing, the emotional impact of the scene had us former fight fans a touch weepy.  A great movie about a wrestler with a lot of heart and nothing left outside the ring.

8.  Wanted – Wesley vs The Fraternity

The Ten Best Fights of 2008
You may not have bought into the curving of bullets or appreciated the disappearance of some key aspects of the source material, but can you really argue with a guy running down a hallway, swapping out guns and blowing away bad dudes?  Mysterious loom of stupidity fate aside, that was pretty cool.

7.  Doomsday – Pretty Much Any Scene

The Ten Best Fights of 2008
Doomsday, with ultra-hottie Rhona Mitra, pretty much blew my shoes off.  I was expecting a pile of crap, but what I got was a pile of bodies.  Right from the get go there is an insane amount of shooting and violence.  Couple that with some Apocalyptic hotties doing battle and you’ve got a winner.

6.  Punisher: War Zone – Frank Castle vs 200 Thugs

The Ten Best Fights of 2008
The movie may not have been all that good, but when it came down to violence and killing lots of people in a graphic manner, this movie delivered.  The final action sequence, with The Punisher parading through the building with guns blazing, was awesome, but unfortunately the only part really worth watching.

5.  The Incredible Hulk – The Hulk vs Super Blonsky

The Ten Best Fights of 2008
A re-do that re-did it right, the final fight between The Hulk and The Abomination was alright, but a bit video-gamey.  However, when The Hulk faced off against the military and a pumped up, but still human, Blonsky, we got an early look at what Captain America will probably be capable of, considering Blonsky was on what many think to be The Super Soldier Serum.  That, and how awesome is it to see a human fist fight The Hulk?

4.  Hellboy 2: The Golden Army – Hellboy vs The Golden Army

The Ten Best Fights of 2008
After watching this film a second time, I knew that the final fight had to be included on the list.  It combined all the hallmarks of awesome – giant robots, a hot chick on fire, a big red devil warrior, and destruction.  I love watching Big Red smash robots!  Almost as much as I enjoy watching Selma Blair breath.

3. Iron Man – Iron Man vs Terrorists

The Ten Best Fights of 2008
The final fight between Iron Man and Iron Monger was cool, but it felt a bit short.  The initial fight between the Mark 1 armor and a bunch of cave dwelling terrorists was awesome!  I really loved the scene when Stark takes the Mark 3 armor out for a spin and, with attitude to spare, kills all the terrorists and blows up a tank with a rocket.  When you look that cool kicking ass, you make the list.

2.  Rambo – Rambo vs Burma

The Ten Best Fights of 2008
Let the bodies hit the (jungle) floor!  There is no doubt that John Rambo is an ass-kicker.  Hell, he didn’t even bother to take names or chew bubble gum.  All he did was kill, kill, kill.  Rambo with any weapon is dangerous, but Rambo + .50cal Mounted Machine Gun = Weapon of Mass Destruction.  Pure awesome, pure violence.

1.  Step Brothers – Brennan & Dale vs Child Bullies

The Ten Best Fights of 2008
I’m not even anywhere close to joking – this was my absolute favorite fight of the year.  Those kids had it coming and they got served a heaping dose of fist justice!  Why is this the best fight of the year?  1.  They land in a helicopter.  2.  They jump kick children.  3.  Merry-Go-Round Roundhouse Punches.  4.  They hit children, including nut kicks.  5.  They hit children with other children.  6.  Back to back spinning jump kicks in front of flying doves.  So yeah, pretty much the best fight scene ever filmed.  Ever.

And there it is, our look back on our favorite fights of 2008.  Sure, there are some strange picks on there, but kicking ass is not just about putting boots to behinds – its also about attitude.

What was your favorite fight of the year?  What did you think of these fights?

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