10 Badass Moments from ‘The Expendables 2’ (And 5 Not-So Badass)

The Expendables 2

Sylvester Stallone‘s The Expendables undeniably got a lot of people excited when it was first announced. It sounded like a dream come true but the stark reality of it was somewhat more disappointing. It was entertaining, but nearly as great as it could have/should have been.

With the second coming of The Expendables, excitement was still high, but tempered by the slight sting of the first. For a lot of people, dreams came true – The Expendables 2 was a vast improvement over the first, offering up more mayhem and one-liners than anyone thought possible, making it super easy to find 10 Badass Moments we loved. Of course, spoilers follow, but if you’re brave enough, check out the best badass the film had to offer, after the break.

10. Jet Li’s Frying Pan Fight

While the butt of a lot of height jokes bows out of the film early, he has one of the more impressively choreographed fights where he shoots a few dudes, stabs a couple, and then beats like ten half-to-death with a pair of frying pans.

Chuck Norris in The Expendables 2

9. Chuck Norris!

Norris is definitely not an amazing actor, just throwing his lines at the camera, but I’ll be damned if it’s not awesome every time he appears on screen. From his music cues to the overt high-fives to the popular Internet jokes, Norris does the cameo right.

8. Schwarzenegger’s Gun Grab

I was excited to see The Governator with a gun in his hand again, but I thought it was especially awesome when he snagged a discarded rifle off the ground from a moving Smart Car after he ran out of ammunition for his big boom stick.

The Expendables 2

7. Terry Crews Hates Some Dude’s Head

During the fight against the Sangs, there’s a blink and you’ll miss it moment where Terry Crew’s Hale Caesar swings a gang member like a baseball bat against a wooden post he thinks is a pinata.

6. Liam Hemsworth Hates Heads In General

The newest Expendable proves he’s got the chops to be on the team when he starts shooting guys two at a time on river boats, often blowing their heads clean off with his .50cal rifle. Brutal!

5. The Entire God Damned Opening Sequence

The first film had an okay opening where the gang shot up some pirates, but Expendables 2 kicks things off with an excited fifteen minute action opening, complete with door ramming, .50 cal spamming, head crushing, face shooting awesomeness.

4. Van Damme Cuts to the Heart of the Matter – WITH KICKS

Spoiler alert – one of the Expendables doesn’t make it out alive, but at least he goes out with style as Van Damme’s Vilain tag-teams with Scott Adkins’ Hector to kick a knife into the dude’s heart.

3. One More!

Unfortunately for one particular Sang, when there is only one target and a whole bunch of Expendables, you’re going to get shot to bloody bits.

2. Scott Adkins Mad-Dogs Jason Statham

Statham’s Christmas was a real bad ass in the first one, which is why it was insane to see newcomer Scott Adkins’ Hector totally punk Christmas and make him his bitch. While very few characters get to do any real acting in the film (they’re too busy killing), Adkins uses his 90 seconds to steal the show.

1. Jean-Claude Van Damme

The internet has been abuzz with excitement over JCVD’s performance. As the main bad guy, he gets the most time to chew scenery and steal scenes from other characters, and he does it fantastically. Van Damme proves with his evil excellence he deserves another shot on the big screen.

While The Expendables 2 was a blast, here are five not so bad ass things to balance the equation.

5. Too Many Laughs

While there are definitely enough deaths, I felt the tone was a bit too comedic at times with too many self-referential nods. This movie could take itself as seriously as any ’80s action flick and still be a blast.

4. Sub-Standard CGI

Whether it’s the blood or the vehicles, the money they needed to spend on CGI was spent on bullets and the end result is some rather sub-standard computer work. It doesn’t totally take you out of the film, but it’s noticeable.

3. Not Enough Scott Adkins

This dude is legit when it comes to kicking ass and he’s got some acting talent. He steals a few scenes in this film but he totally should have had more time to kick even more ass.

2. JCVD vs. Stallone Only Goes One Round

As great as JCVD was as the villain, you’d think his fight with Sly would have lasted a bit longer. It’s decently brutal, but a bit quick for my tastes – and it needed more jumping split kicks!

1. Jet Li’s Absence

I’m not sure why Jet Li ducked out to never return, but his absence was missed. And hey, if he’s going to disappear – why not bring in another expendable? What’s Kurt Russell doing these days?

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