Superman, Schwarzenegger, Spielberg and Hollywood Interns Star in the 10 Best Movie Stories of the Week


You can tell Man of Steel is the movie of the summer because none of us can stop writing about it. Would it be more or less covered if the Superman movie actually got mostly favorable reviews? It’s hard to say, as much of our and other outlets’ think pieces are a mix of pre-planned stuff on the character in general as well as superhero movies in general and reaction posts both about what the new movie gets wrong and right. All I know is I could have devoted this week’s whole Reject Recap to the ol’ Caped Kryptonian (is that not one of his nicknames?). Let me just point out that it’s deserving. While the official FSR review is fairly negative, I’ll admit that I love it. And it’s definitely worth seeing even if you have problems with much of it. As is clear, there’s so much to talk about.

There’s a bunch to discuss on other topics and movies, too. We had two big stories involving the future of Hollywood, thoughts on some older favorites and some other characters’ announced returns, an update on real-life versions of characters from one of this week’s new releases and also a geeky comparison between video game consoles complete with their relevance to movie fans. Before we get to your week in review, here’s some trivia regarding the headline above: all are tied to Superman. Steven Spielberg and Arnold Schwarzenegger were both linked to Superman: The Movie and, well, some interns probably thought they were going to work on it but really wound up just getting coffee and making copies.

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How is Superman’s Latest Return to the Big Screen?

review man of steel2“So much goes wrong in the latter half that even the film’s most modest aspirations get pummeled into oblivion. Gone are the Snyder and Goyer who passed earlier information to viewers with economy and efficiency, and in their place is a series of holograms whose sole purpose is to spout exposition and details. The fighting strategies of both Superman and the US military are continuously inane, idiotic and ineffective. And Superman, defender of all that’s right and highly opposed to needless death, is seemingly unmoved and uninterested in the mass murder of thousands.” – Rob Hunter

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Spielberg Predicts the “Meltdown” of Hollywood

director_spielberg“As he said, ‘The pathway to get into theaters is really getting smaller and smaller,’ and maybe a paradigm shift will help balance that, but there are no guarantees. After all, it’s easy to lament a perceived lack of originality coming out of Hollywood — ignoring that most studio products have always been adaptations or sequels — but the newest model has led to global dominance and record profits even in years when domestic attendance dropped. There’s little incentive to change now. All the more reason to believe, as Spielberg does, that it will take an aggressive, world-altering event to end the addiction to tentpoles. It’s probably just a matter of time.” – Scott Beggs


Interns Win Lawsuit Against Fox Searchlight

Hollywood Intern“Essentially, what this ruling accomplishes is ensuring that studios and production companies don’t use a false promise of work experience and possible future employment to justify go-nowhere, exploitative, uncompensated labor. It’s also a necessary reminder about what an ‘internship’ is for an industry in which unpaid internships are the norm. This is not to say that interns should never be expected to do coffee runs and write travel schedules, of course, but the ruling makes certain that the notion of an ‘internship’ remains within the strict parameters of an apprentice-like opportunity geared towards professional experience. Sure, an internship is not a guarantee of future employment, but it’s quite difficult to network in even the most basic of ways (let alone learn about the production process) when one is relegated to a copy room for the majority of the work day.” – Landon Palmer


Arnold Schwarzenegger is Back for The Terminator 5

Terminator 3 Coffin“Fortunately, since the franchise is pretty loose on time travel to begin with, having a robot look 30 years older shouldn’t be too hard to explain away…but how much more of this has to happen before it gets sad? The franchise itself seems to limp along after a tepid third installment and the dull confusion of Salvation, and Schwarzenegger’s return to cinema wasn’t all that triumphant. All of that raises the question: what has to happen for Terminator 5 to actually be good?” – Scott Beggs


Questioning The Purge

purge“Current times are tough and many people are struggling which makes the idyllic world of The Purge seem very appealing. But this ‘perfect’ world comes with a price. The Purge claims if you allow people to do whatever they want for one night a year, they will live in perfect harmony and peace the other 364 days. But what happened to inspire such an idea? Was there a specific event that made the idea of a purge the most logical solution? Were there no other options? And how did anyone know that this would ‘work’?” – Allison Loring


Where Is Emma Watson’s Bling Ring Character Today?

Bling Ring Trailer“She was arrested again in December of 2011 for possession of heroin. Neiers was then shipped off to a ‘luxury rehab facility in Malibu’ for a year (a stay that was free of charge, strangely enough), where she stayed from December of 2011 until December of 2012. She is now reportedly a counselor at that same facility, and is married to a guy she met in AA. They have a baby daughter. Neiers disputes her portrayal in Coppola’s film.” – Kate Erbland

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PS4 vs. Xbox One: Which Is Better For Movie Fans?

livingroom_battle“In the streaming video world, the 360 has been the one with the leg up. While apps like Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant Video are available for both current-gen consoles, Xbox also has apps for HBO Go and ESPN streaming services. These are apps people want access to and while it’s possible that new versions could be released for the PS4, right now Xbox has the lead in video streaming…If I had to pick one of these consoles to spend my hard earned dollars on, it would be the PS4. The lower cost and at least perceived lack of restrictions outweighs the possibility of better streaming options and a better styling for me. But there’s plenty of points in the pro column for the Xbox One as well. Ultimately, either console would work well for a movie fan, in fact, strictly for movies and streaming the Xbox One may well be the better option.” – Luke Mullen


The Most Amazing Use of a POV Shot in Cinema Is…

jaws killer povJaws: It’s amazing what an underwater cam and a couple notes on a tuba can do for a whole generation of swimmers…While that shark looked pretty good, and the actors were amazing, it’s really this shot that drives this entire film. Just imagine what it would have been like without it – if the mechanical shark had worked consistently and Spielberg had no limitations. It was those limitations that gave the film the suspense that made it famous. Not to mention shooting at water level, a cinematic act that proved quite unnerving to watch.” – David Christopher Bell

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Filmmaking Advice From Alejandro Jodorowsky

Jodoroskwy_as_El_Topo“Embrace Psychomagic, Improvise Your Life, and Metaphorically Commit Murder and/or Incest: There’s a lot going on here in Jodorowsky’s answer to an audience member’s question about the filmmaker’s philosophy of psychomagic and its role in his films. In this interview after a screening of El Topo at the film society of Lincoln Center, Jodorowsky discusses how the most aberrant and subliminal and repressed feelings can (and should) be exercised metaphorically. To perhaps attempt to complete the connection for Jodorowsky himself, one can see filmmaking (especially Jodorowsky’s films) as a metaphorical exercise in exploring, exercising, realizing, and intellectualizing the most subjective of our hidden desires. Films offer the possibility of getting away with activities that are forbidden in daily life. It’s Freud’s chair made into gloriously irreverent and unconventional filmmaking, and a magical celebration of the impossible.” – Landon Palmer


Can’t Hardly Wait Has a Quinceañera

can't hardly wait“While it might not be the definitive high school comedy (that’s a discussion for another time), 1998?s Can’t Hardly Wait is a damn good one, and a strangely enduring new classic. Sure, the nineties-set production is dipped in era-appropriate fashion, slang, and cultural nods (X-Files, anyone?) and its cast is positively peppered by awesomely nineties talents (Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ethan Embry, Seth Green, Melissa Joan Hart, the list goes on and on), but Can’t Hardly Wait still feels applicable to teens today. Or, at the very least, it still feels like a very good approximation of the high school experience that we remember.” – Kate Erbland

Rather than a reject, Christopher Campbell is a film school dropout. But he has since gotten a master’s degree in cinema studies and has been blogging about movies since 2005. Earlier, he reviewed films for a zine (a what?) that you could buy at Tower Records (a what?). He is married with two children.

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