Lil’ Faux Tweet: The 8 Most Entertaining Fake Twitter Users


As you may already know, I spend quite a bit of time on Twitter, the micro-blogging service that has been sweeping the internet. And despite some technical challenges, Twitter has emerged as the most used form of communication since the creation of, well, I’m not really sure — but it’s something significant. And while I use Twitter to communicate with readers, friends around the web and other movie enthusiasts, it is also a forum for fake celebrities and fictional characters.

While there are real celebrities who have used Twitter, everyone from singer Sarah Bareilles to former Star Trek star Wil Wheaton, there are even more celebrity accounts that don’t really connect to real famous folks. And in honor of the faux stars of Twitter, I would like to present a list of the 8 Most Entertaining Fake Twitter Users. Of course, this list comes with a few ground rules: Each of the users listed below are (a) related to the TV or Movie world and (b) must be relatively active Twitter users. And as you can see, they can also be fictional characters. In addition, I have included a definitive quote, or a quote that is my favorite from their Twitter feed. Also, you can click any of the names to see their actual Twitter accounts.

8. Dr. Tobias Funke

There hasn’t been much out there for Arrested Development fans, short of the swirling rumors of a cinematic adaptation, but it appears that one of the show’s most interesting characters continues to live on via Twitter. Yes, the Blue Man himself, Dr. Tobias Funke, has become the Twitterverse’s resident Analrapist. His random musings include everything from trips to Burger King to planning to ‘take a bite of the rump’ of his estranged wife Lindsay. His definitive quote:

trying to sell the film rights to book, “The Man Inside Me.” An indie shop named Vivid may make an offer without even seeing a script!

7. Borat

His movie may have come and gone, but the lore of Sacha Baron Cohen’s most popular character will always live on via Twitter. And even the fake Borat seems to have the persona on lock down, spewing mostly random pop culture observations, complete with bad grammar and clever catch phrases. Also, I find it interesting that Borat, like Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, can see Russia from his house. His definitive quote:

oh this is travesty! hannah montana and miley cyrus are same person?!? how will my threesome dream every come true!!! wowahweewah!

6. Abe Vigoda

Are you wondering whether or not Abe Vigoda is alive? You are certainly not alone. Since he was erroneously reported as dead by People magazine in 1982, the real Abe Vigoda has been part of a long running joke about the state of his health. And recently, a Twitter account has risen up in his honor, one that keeps us updated as to Abe’s status. It is somewhat assinine, but it never fails to give me a chuckle. His defining quote:

Dick Clark and I have trouble determining if we’re alive!!!

5. William Shatner

In recent weeks, the fake William Shatner has been replaced by the real William Shatner (or one of his agents), but the faux Shat is significantly more entertaining. This just goes to prove the long-running theory that the persona that is Shatner is much more entertaining than the actual Shatner. This version of Shatner has done everything from calling our Lord Vader to demanding his own Chuck Norris-like meme. The latter of which leads me to his definitive quote:

I demand my own Chuck Norris meme, e.g. “You don’t impersonate Shatner, you just expose the Shatner inside of us all.”

4. Roger Sterling, Mad Men

One of the few shows that has inadvertantly gotten a big marketing push from Twitter has been AMC’s Mad Men. In fact, AMC was taken by surprise as fans created accounts for many of the show’s characters, including Don Draper, Peggy Olsen and even Roger Sterling himself, the man in charge at Sterling Cooper. And as much as I would like to say that hottie Joan Holloway is my favorite Mad Men twitter user, it is clear that Roger Sterling is a man’s man — he knows what he wants, and he knows how to get it. His definitive quote:

How could I resist a dose of @TheDailyBlonde? All I need to do is find Daily Brunette and a Daily Redhead and I’m set.

3. Megan Fox

It’s probably some 35-year old dude who imagines that Megan Fox is as sexy in real life as she is in his wildest fantasies, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t somewhat fun to read. The heat was turned up even more after the real Megan Fox admitted to being so turned on by a Russian stripper that she wanted to ‘strangle a mountain ox.’ Her definitive quote:

Sometimes I just spend the night grabbing and regrabbing my ass. You would too, if your ass was nice as mine. Admit it.

2. Stephen Colbert

There have actually been a few fake Stephen Colberts on Twitter, but none more committed than the one without the middle initial. Just like the real life host of The Colbert Report, this Twit is always topical, sometimes a little over the top and generally amusing. In fact, according to the Comedy Central Insider, it is fakers like this that has “the gang at Digg from iCreaming their open-source e-jeans.” His definitive quote:

Got a new goldfish –his name is “WMD”. Justice (my cat) doesn’t like ’em, but I think he’s cute.

1. Fake Micheal Bay

Nothing says awesome like posting your awesome thoughts on the awesome social media forum that is Twitter. So why wouldn’t Michael Bay spread his awesomeness to the rest of the world, 140-characters at a time? Everything from wanting to hump the tattoo off of Megan Fox’s shoulder to Shia LaBeouf’s constant teary outbreaks, this Fake Twitterer has it all. His definitive quote:

No, I don’t know who “Fellini” is and quite frankly I don’t give a shit.

In addition to the fake characters above, I also wanted to give you a little list of Twitter users who are of interest to movie lovers — as in, the voices of the movie webosphere, including yours truly:

And those are just a few that you should check out, should you join up with the Twitter phenomenon. Personally, I have found it to be a great forum for sharing initial reactions to films, coordinating meetups at events such as Sundance, SXSW and Comic-Con, and just having some fun back and forth discussion about movies or whatever pops into my head.

Are you on Twitter? If so, who are your favorite people to follow?

Neil Miller is the Founder and Publisher of Film School Rejects. For almost a decade, he has been talking movies on television, the radio, and the Internet. As of yet, no one has stopped him.

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