Coroner’s Report: Screamers – The Hunting


Back in 1995 there was a little film called Screamers that leapt from the dirt and buried its razor blade of awesome deep into your gut, spilling your entrails of screamers_dvdenjoyment all over your movie appreciation floor. You dig me? If not, go buy the movie (or rent until a BluRay release becomes available!). Well, coming to DVD later this month is the unexpected and ultimately unnecessary sequel. Unnecessary, of course, because the first film is so great, though that didn’t stop it from being pretty entertaining and spilling the red stuff. Is it worth you checking it out? Keep reading.

In the latter half of of the 21st Century, a civil war broke out on the mining planet Sirius 6B sinking my battleship, resulting in the creation of the Autonomous Mobile Swords, real mean mechanical devices that tracked down humans and eviscerated them. The sound that came forth was a shrill scream, hence the nickname – Screamers. This sequel takes place a few years after the planet has been all but abandoned with all humanity feared dead. That perception changes when a distress signal emanating from the planet draws in a rescue team, sent to pick up any surviving humans. Once on the surface of the planet, things quickly go down hill as the Screamers are reactivated and sabotage their ship’s fuel supply. The soldiers find themselves in a battle with a variety of advanced and ever-adapting Screamer models while trying to figure out who amongst the survivors can be trusted.


Somewhere around 13 human beings bought the farm in this sci-fi actioner. The blood flows quickly, then takes a chill pill, before delivering some fun and gory kills throughout the last act.


Screamers – The Hunting managed to impress me. Despite a low budget, the kills were pretty awesome and spouted blood and intestines. There is a sweet decapitation, a leg gets cut most of the way off, someone is disemboweled, a Screamer model punches through someone’s chest and then through another person’s head. A head gets split asunder, a razor wheel goes through a brain, human model Screamers grow grotesque mechanical weaponry, and a robotic tail erupts through a chest in gooey goodness.


Production Photo - Not Screenshot


Gina Holden is a smoking hot babe with a great body – complete with visible abs! That said, there is no nudity, so boo on you, Screamers!


Never trust science. It will be the end of us all. Also, you’d be wise to never trust anyone who seems excited at the prospect of money, as they’ll sell you down the river immediately to make a buck off a dangerous weapon.


screamersScreamers – The Hunting is a pretty effective low budget sci-fi movie. For starters, most of the effects look great. All of the space and shuttle stuff looks fantastic, and the practical effects are great. One or two CGI Screamers look weak, but overall I was really impressed with most of the effects. Seeing an entire cavern full of screamers slowly activate was awesome, thought it was way cooler watching them shred people into bits. Story wise, the movie’s biggest flaw is in how it attempts to tie into the first flick – basically by ignoring the idea that all the humans should be dead and that the awesome hero of the first film (Peter Weller) died in the interim, making it so his daughter (Holden) would volunteer for this mission. No reason to do that. It’s like Alien 3 when they just just decided that 70% of the survivors of Aliens died in a shuttle crash. That’s just bullshit.

There are some plot holes, like the ages of the surviving humans being too much on the young side and the fact that any humans survived at all, really. The acting isn’t amazing, but then again, this is straight to DVD SciFi. Lance Henriksen has a brief role in the film and despite only being on screen for maybe 8 minutes, he out acts everyone in the film and kicks their faces in with his awesome.

All of those criticisms aside, the movie is pretty fun and delivers some nice gore and a high kill count, so I can’t complain about that. It’s not on the same level of Screamers which is a true underrated gem, but no one would expect it to be. If you’re in the mood for some fairly mindless scifi with a decent amount of action and some good kills, then this should fill you up for 96 minutes. Fans of the original may enjoy it as long as they know what they’re going to get – I did. New people to the franchise should be able to pick it up rather easy and find it more enjoyable in a generic sense as they don’t have love for the original. It’s somewhat like the later installments of Starship Troopers, though I would say that this film is both better and more well made than those flicks. Screamers – The Hunting won’t earn a place in your pantheon of great films, but it will make for a light, easy popcorn scifi film.

Grade: C+

Are you fans of the original Screamers? Do you have an interest in this sequel?

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