Coroner’s Report: Resident Evil: Degeneration


There’s not much that I enjoy more than nude women.  One thing that comes to mind is zombie films.  So I put away the skin flicks and naughty magazines for a few hours (it is the Holiday season after all) and popped Resident Evil: Degeneration into my DVD player to take a look at some CGI zombie madness.  From the one preview I had seen, I thought the movie looked pretty sweet and my hunch was pretty well on.  This entirely computer animated installment is a fun watch and offers a lot for fans of the horror survival video game and enough zombie violence for everyone else.

cr_leonResident Evil: Degeneration follows Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield, survivors of the first invasion of Raccoon City, as they work to find out the root cause of the latest permutation of the T-Virus.  The story starts hard and fast with carnage at an airport, a suspicious US Senator, and another questionable biochemical company at the forefront.  The fast paced story rushes through an endless number of infected, barreling away from the Airport and into the WilPharma research center, where more madness and blood await them.  Nice.


We probably see somewhere around 15 on-screen deaths of humans.  The Marines take a pretty big hit in their war against the mutated G-Virus monster while a lot of people are dragged down and killed during the airport siege.  If you include zombies in the number of dead, you’d have to multiply it by at least three.


All of the standard array of zombie ills are here – bites, gunshots, messed up bodies with skin missing.  There are a ton of headshots, thousands of rounds of ammunition fired, mutations, smashings, crushings, and in one awesome scene, an elevator load of people are tossed hundreds of feet to the ground.  Splat!


The CGI ladies are pretty nice to look at, with their smooth skin and perfectly rendered bodies, but they remain fully clothed throughout and really don’t do anything very sexy, other than killing zombies.  (Which is very, very sexy)


Never trust the government, never trust big business, and especially don’t trust any large pharmaceutical companies.  Also, everyone is trying to use everyone else.  And let us not forget that zombies, or infected, can only be stopped by destroying the brain.


cr_planeLike I mentioned above, I thought this was a pretty sweet little CGI action flick.  I think it will do best, obviously, with fans of the game, for many reasons.  The plot and story move quickly, at times too quickly, advancing much like a video game.  You definitely feel like you could pick up the controller at any time and join in the slaughter.  Now, I’m not the biggest Resident Evil fan there is, but I did play Resident Evil 4 pretty obsessively for awhile and it was awesome.  I liked that all of the characters from the game were basically exact recreations of their videogame counterparts.  They wear the same clothes, have the same hairstyles and even use the same weapons.  Fans of Kennedy will be happy to see his handgun with flashlight equipped, his knife, and his recognizable jacket and outfit.

Speaking of weapons, the detail in the firearms was nice.  There are a few scenes where we really get to see the guns going overtime, spewing bullets and shell casings, and the work is really well done.  Overall, the movie does look fantastic.  The CGI in some parts, namely the Airport and the final boss battle, is jaw droppingly tight.  If there is one complaint, it would be the lip matching to the actor’s dialog.  Personally, I wasn’t all that bothered by it.  I rarely found myself staring at their mouths, though when I did it was clear the voice synch wasn’t fantastic.  It bothered some others in the room much more than it did me, but hey, everyone has their own issues.

The action is fun, a bit John Woo at times, but always bloody and exciting.  The film is fast paced and races from start to finish with lots of bullets and blood.  The voice acting is decent, the animation is awesome, and the character models are pretty great.  I especially love the final boss, from how he looks to how he moves.  There is also a ton of Marines fighting monster goodness, so thumbs up there.  At the end of the day, fans of the videogame series should find a lot to love here and people just looking for a good, action oriented CGI flick will be satisfied as well.

On a side note, adult aimed animated movies are awesome.  They don’t mess around.  The follow the stories we know and want, they don’t recast the characters with moviestars, they don’t change the outfits or any of that bullshit.  This is about as close as you can get to your videogame taking a life of its own and expanding without your input.

Grade: B

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