Boiling Point: We’re All Nerds


So Comic-Con has been over for about a week and I’ve had some time to reflect on the whole situation and go over the coverage other sites did.  In doing so, I came across a few examples I won’t name of writers taking aim at the Con goers and declaring them nerds or some sort of bad kind of fanboy or this or that.  Tons of people, from journalists to other Con-goers took aim at the Twilight fans and ridiculed them and their dedication.  Kettle, meet the pots.

We’re all nerds here.  Sure, we’re all different kinds of nerds and different kinds of people, but we’re all nerds.  The Twilight fans are no different than the Iron Man fans who are no different than the Mike Judge fans.  Going to someplace like the San Diego Comic Con and pointing the nerd finger at someone is like an crack addict telling a coke user he’s got a substance abuse problem.  How is some 14 year old girl’s love of Twilight different from my love of Back to the Future or your idol worship of Bruce Campbell?  Simply – there is no difference.  They’re psyched for their thing, we’re psyched for ours.  Surely as you sit there, surrounded by mini-Jason Voorhees dolls or tiny Transformers or a signed print from Planet of the Apes there was someone unlike you who mocked you.  And you, being a simple man, didn’t learn from it and chose to mock others.  Lame.

We can’t all look like movie stars and yes, some Gundam fanboys are less than blessed when it comes to weight or whatever, but odds are many of you and us are as well.  The only difference between your average Japanese Anime nerd and your average movie critic is the design on the t-shirt.  And the fact that the Anime fan is probably a nicer person who doesn’t use their bully pulpit to cowardly talk about someone from the safety of the internet or declare someone else’s hobbies shameful.  Grow up, right?  We’re all nerds here.

I will admit to three things:  I have never seen Twilight, I have never made fun of someone for liking Twilight, and I am a nerd.  Twilight fans, while perhaps at times bordering on fanatical are just fans.  They’re willing to camp out to see their favorite actors – where were you when The Phantom Menace came out?  Camping somewhere, eh?  If you’re a big fan of movies, you’ve probably felt the sting of someone mocking you for your hobbies or your interests.  Maybe I wore that Evil Dead shirt one too many times.  Maybe that girl laughed at you for the toys lining your extensive DVD collection.  You get back at them by aiming at someone else different from you?  Break the cycle.

As the resident angry dude here at Film School Rejects, I’ve got a ton of rage aimed at movies, celebrities, this, that, and the other thing.  I don’t understand the Twilight craze nor do I understand half the shit people go nuts about.  While I will disagree and debate and argue over the actual merits of movies, I would never declare someone lesser than me based on their movie tastes.  Hell, I loved Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and took a lot of heat from a bunch of people saying whoever liked that film was a retard.  I absolutely hated Observe & Report but didn’t say anyone who liked that was a disgusting pig person.  There’s just no reason for it.  It’s not intelligent or rational.

Comic Con was full of nerds – I know, I was there, I was among them, I was one of them.  There were plenty of celebrities past their prime as well, who were still great people who were there for a reason.  It’s bullshit to point at one and say “What the fuck are you doing here” while you simultaneously rub your greasy boner over the appearance of some C-List genre star whose autograph you’ve been hunting.  We’re all the same, mostly.  Especially in the online community.  We didn’t get into this for money or fame, we got into it because we’re among the biggest nerds there are.  As genre fans we’ve had people stare at us and ask us how we could like movies like that.  Now you want to do the same thing to others?  Check yourself – you’re a nerd.  I’m a nerd.  Let’s be nerds together and while we may disagree from time to time, lets at least try to keep the debate civil.  Now enough of this sissy let’s all get along crap, next week I’m right back to being a raging idiot full blown past my boiling point.

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