Boiling Point: The Inaugural Twitter Fight Round-Up!

Twitter is good for a few things, like telling the world what sandwich you’re eating, finding random hook-ups, or coordinating a revolution. But mostly, it’s for sharing your opinion and arguing against everyone and every-bot you can find.

Since arguments are most often a result of anger and rage, we’ve merged the Inaugural Twitter Fight Round-Up with Boiling Point as a way of introducing it. In the future, we’ll consider shooting itself off into its own little column if we have enough ammunition – which we most likely will.

This week we’ll take a look at arguments surrounding letter grades for movies, the R-Rating, and Game of Thrones’ Sean Bean. It’s also important to note that everyone we talk about (so far) is a friend. We’re not attempting to insult or reinvigorate the argument, but merely to use it as a starting point to more discussion and ultimately a verdict. So quit your crying.

The Argument: The Letter Grade System Sucks and the C Is Especially Deceitful

Belligerents: ?@ColeAbaius, @RejectRobert, @KeithCalder, @DrewAtHitFix

The Case: In his negative review of Green Lantern, @DrewAtHitFix (Drew McWeeny) slapped it with a C letter grade. Normally that’d be the end of things, except on Twitter, everything is up for debate. In contrasting the negative wording of the HitFix article with the seemingly average letter grade, this turned into a short but spirited debate. While some were against the letter grade in general, much of the argument could be succinctly focused on the grade of C.

The rub here, as pointed out by @KeithCalder, dates all the way back to elementary school where a C was defined as an “Average” grade, but was signified by a 70%, which for the mathematically challenged is a 7 out of 10. So we’re faced with two ideas here: is a C “average” as in “You’re okay but not that okay” or is it a 7 out of 10, a 70%, which seems pretty good?

Luckily for all interested and all involved, we Rejects have the definitive answer because we’re always right: C means average. Trust us, we’ve been using the letter grade system for a long time. If you look at the system from A-F, the C falls squarely in the middle. It’s not a 7 out of 1o, it’s a C. A non-scientific and informal poll finds virtually everyone in agreement that, just as a C wasn’t good enough on your chemistry test, it’s not good enough for your movie.

Verdict: Letter grades are fine and the C means Average.

The R-Rating

Belligerents: @ScottWeinberg, @RejectRobert, @ScreenRant, @Walwus, @ColeAbaius, @KeithCalder

The Case: @ScottWeinberg kicked this one off inadvertently when expressing his opinion that the term “Hard-R” was Hard-Retarded (my words, not his). While there was some confusion as to whether the argument was over what the term “Hard-R” meant or if it was an actual rating, we’re just going to talk about the term as a term, not as a real rating. Because, while it had been considered, the Hard-R is not an actual rating.

But as a term, Hard-R has been around for awhile and it has a pretty well understood meaning. Lots of movies have R-Ratings, from Army of Darkness to Reservoir Dogs. Each of these movies has a decidedly different amount of violence and cursing. You can have a movie be Rated-R that has only a few expletives and no titties or you can have a movie like Hostel that is full of boobs, fucks, and evisceration. One of these movies is definitely harder than the other. Its rating is closer to NC-17 than it is to PG-13, and it is decidedly not in the middle of the R-Rating. It’s the kind of flick you say “Wow that was Rated-R?” Like maybe Drive Angry, where plenty die and there is full frontal nudity plus @ToddFarmer’s bare ass.

Verdict: Hard-R is a perfectly acceptable way of describing an especially violent or adult movie (but not a real rating).

Sean Bean: Hero or Idiot?

Belligerents: @ElMayimbe, @KeithCalder, @RejectRobert, The Internet

The Case: Game of Thrones actor and all-around bad-ass Sean Bean was in the news recently when he was involved in a real life stabbing. Unfortunately, he was on the wrong end of it. The details are a little bit iffy, which put this argument up in the air. Most of The Internet praised Bean who was said to be stabbed in the arm with a broken bottle, sucker punched in the face, all while defending the honor of a hot Playmate. @ElMayimbe, recalling his years as a bouncer, stated that Bean was quite possibly an idiot, as virtually all men who get into fist fights over women are.

@KeithCalder agreed, and this is a pretty reasonable thought to express considering Bean saw trouble and stuck around the bar to be stabbed later. It’s entirely possible the guy could have returned with a gun and shot him.

It’s especially important to note that instead of calling the police or going to a hospital, Bean returned to the bar and continued drinking while a bartender patched his arm up.

According to some reports, Bean has been dating the model (22 year old April Summer) for around 6 months. Those same reports indicate the bully was an ex-boyfriend. If this is the case, then Bean is a hero for either defending his girlfriend against a random bully or a bullying ex-interest. When this information was brought to light, @ElMayimbe agreed that it makes a completely new argument.

Verdict: Sean Bean is a 52 year old man who got stabbed protecting a 22 year old nude model, who then went inside forgoing medical attention and ordered another drink. The dude is a fucking badass.

And that’s the week in Twitter arguments, three different things that got me past my boiling point and plastered on the internet.

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