Boiling Point: Celebrity Cries for Attention

I’m not sure if there is much sadder than a celebrity whose star has ceased to shine. Oh wait, yeah, there is something. That dying star of a celebrity desperately reaching out in one futile attempt to go Super Nova and have someone pay attention to them by dragging a shining star into the pigsty. Part of me doesn’t even want to write this, because in doing so, I draw attention to these red dwarfs of stardom which is somewhat hypocritical. “Don’t pay attention to them, but check this out!” Oh well, no one is perfect, least of all me.

There are plenty of examples, ranging from the non-celebrities like Dina and Michael Lohan, each of whom would claw the eyes out of their children if it meant getting just a little bit more press time. Then there are the ex-celebrities, those who were once relevant, even popular, but have since fallen from grace yet refused to recognize it. I’m talking this week of Roseanne Barr. Those of you under 20 may not remember her, but she had a show you maybe have seen on syndication in your younger days. But her relative disappearance since belching her way through the National Anthem has not been time spent controlling her tongue. On August 15th, Roseanne wrote a scathing entry in her Blog entitled “Jon Voight” which went on to call Voight a “frightened little girl in a pink tutu” and a “tampon who must be flushed down the toilet immediately.” First off Roseanne, from my basic understanding of feminine hygiene products, modern sewage systems, and the propensity of tampons to expand in water, flushing said product down the toilet seems like a horrible idea.

You may be wondering why Ms. Barr felt the need to call out Mr. Voight, perhaps he had done something to deserve it. Well, apparently John Voight is a bit of a conservative and, even worse, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt haven’t decided who to vote for yet! Jesus Christ this is a national emergency! Get the President on the phone! Celebrities in Hollywood who have not fallen in line with the Obama march? Blasphemy! Anyone who does not agree with the liberal side of Hollywood does not deserve to work in Hollywood! Quickly, ostracize them! Send them to the gallows! Shine your boots for a good old fashioned ass kicking of shamery! Heaven forbid a citizen of the United States of America be able to exercise the freedom to vote for the candidate of their choice, to keep that decision private, and to make that decision at their convenience! Barr goes on to accuse Voight and the Jolie-Pitts of racism, refers to Obama as the “brown man” and spits on about 50% of America.

But honestly, is this really about the Jolie-Pitts and Jon Voight? Or is this someone whose star has faded reaching out to the most recognizable names in Hollywood and slapping them all over her blog to draw in attention and hits? Good work, Roseanne, it worked. I read it. And boy do I hope your star continues to collapse, shrinking ever more, becoming denser and denser, but never going Nova or collapsing to be a black hole. No, a black dwarf is much more suiting, a cold, dead star, destined to drift through space, unnoticed. Now I fully recognize that I’m sitting here, a nobody myself, spouting off in what could be considered a hypocritical tirade, guilty of the same thing Ms. Barr is. But I would suggest the difference is this – I have not randomly drawn someone into my world. Roseanne put herself out there by spitting ugly words at people for expressing their vague political opinions. If someone would attack over that, do they deserve to escape unscathed?

It is one thing to express an opinion, which I fully expect everyone to do. It is one thing to attack the stupidity of others, to draw attention to wrong doings, and to lampoon those deserving of it. It is another to assault someone over their every day decisions, their conventional political leanings, things of that nature. It is not as if Jolie advocated Socialism or goose stepped through the White House; she merely said she liked McCain and wasn’t sure who to vote for. If this were 1951 and Joe McCarthy were blogging, perhaps this would make sense. But attacking someone and their children over normal political beliefs, for not agreeing with you, that is something else entirely. Is it real concern over their political leanings, if so – ridiculous. If not, then a clear attempt to capitalize on the fame of another and to stew up controversy for ones own benefit. I can appreciate Roseanne Barr for her outspokenness. I’m not generally anti-Roseanne Barr, though I’m by no means a fan. For some reason, this unprovoked and unnecessary assault has got even me, the angriest of the angry, the FSR attack dog, someone who makes a meager living being upset with others, past my boiling point.

What are your thoughts on all of this? Do you feel like working for NASA or going to a planetarium after all these astronomical references?

Robert Fure is many things: horror expert, ruggedly handsome man of the world, witty prose composer, and writer of his own biography page. Beneath the bravado is a scared little boy, ready to grow into an awesome man and make lies about a scared little boy inside of him. Wait a minute...

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