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Gravity - Rom-Com

George Clooney as a dashing pile of handsome, Sandra “Miss Congeniality” Bullock and a meet-cute that’s out of this world? You can’t tell us that Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity isn’t a romantic comedy. Weightless in Seattle. Or maybe Romancing the Moonstone. It’s in an unconventional location to be sure, but the vacuum of space can’t keep sparks from flying. Naturally, we turned to our old pal Sleepy Skunk to put together a trailer that sells the movie for what it really is. With a little help from Old Blue Eyes, he was up to the task:



World War Z is not a very faithful adaptation. By placing it during the war, director Marc Forster and star Brad Pitt have fundamentally altered Max Brooks‘ after-the-fact oral history. Which is understandable. They wanted a big-budget, globe-spanning adventure, and that’s hard to squeeze out of a guy traveling the world calmly speaking with survivors. The movie is out this weekend (Rob’s review), and we couldn’t help but wonder what it would have looked like if it were a little more faithful to the book. So we turned to our old pal Sleepy Skunk to make a video that imagines what Ken Burns‘ version of World War Z would have been like. For all of you aching for a zombie documentary, here’s a small piece of alternate history.



In 1968, Steve McQueen starred in Bullitt as a San Francisco cop whose primary job description was driving a Ford Mustang GT fastback recklessly and seeking revenge on behalf of a witness he was trying to protect. The impressive Peter Yates earned immortality as a director with a 10+-minute car chase that’s effectively what people are talking about when they ask you to cut to one. For some, it’s the best (often trading out that top spot with Ronin). At the very least, it’s in the Top Five All-Time, but we wondered if it couldn’t be just a little bit faster and furiouser. So we called upon our old pal Sleepy Skunk to mash-up a trailer that pumps a ridiculous amount of NOS into Frank Bullitt’s ride in honor of the 14th or 15th installment of The Fast and the Furious franchise that hits theaters this weekend. Let us know what you think.


Jane Got a Gun from Malick

The Jane Got a Gun production has been a wild ride. After losing director Lynne Ramsay just before shooting started they pulled in Gavin O’Connor with the quickness, but the Natalie Portman-starring film was in limbo for at least a weekend. So, our old friend Sleepy Skunk put together a mashup of what the movie might look like if Terrence Malick, Wes Anderson or J.J. Abrams replaced Ramsay — but not before the production managed to lose Jude Law, throwing even this video into question. It’s really hard to keep up with this one. Nevertheless, sit back and enjoy playing What If with us, will you?


Exorcist Sitcom

A while back, there was a burst of videos which recast wholesome, loveable characters as horror icons. It was all launched by the absolutely brilliant Scary Mary Poppins which probably worked because there’s something fundamentally terrifying about the movie that’s lacquered over by a silly, musical tone. After all, Mary isn’t all sunshine and puppy dog ice cream. She’s sarcastic and forceful (and she has a handbag full of umbrellas, lamps and all of the props from Hostel). In that same spirit, born from the ancient internet (six whole years ago!), we’ve asked our resident video masher to do the opposite: take something horrific and make it funny. As usual, ChugsTheMonkey delivers. He’s chosen to remix The Exorcist (which coincidentally just made the Championship Round in our bracket tournament search for the Scariest Movie Ever) as a 1980s-style sitcom. After all, it’s basically like Small Wonder with a Satan-infused child instead of a robot to begin with. Who knew that all that was missing from William Friedkin‘s horror classic was a laugh track?


Hasbro’s stock is still way down from last year, but it’s actually climbed upward after the abomination that was Battleship tried to puncture everyone’s eardrums with pure awful. Maybe it triggered more Transformer toy sales? At the very least, something must have worked. Or someone high up thinks it did. Luckily for humanity at large, the toy company is still convinced it belongs in the filmmaking business, financing partnerships that amount to wide-release commercials for their products. As if to calm all of our fears, they announced that they were still dedicated to bringing Hungry Hungry Hippos, Monopoly and Action Man to the big screen. Who knows if they’ll ever actually get made, but if they don’t, we can still get a view into what the trailer for the Hippos movie will look like thanks to our good friend ChugsTheMonkey and his mash-up skills. [Check Out More Mash-Ups]


Bruce Willis as John McClane takes aim in LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD.

In Rian Johnson‘s Looper, our old pal Bruce Willis plays a man who is sent back in time to be shot by himself. Twisty? Yes, but it all comes through in the wash judging by the high amount of high praise the sci-fi flick is getting. In honor of the plot concept, we’ve asked our old pal ChugsTheMonkey to mash-up an epic video of Bruce Willis battling against Bruce Willis. Unsurprisingly, he enlisted a fictional fighter jet, a high speed chase and a lot of ammunition to take on the task. Who do you think will win?


Wuv! Twue wuv! While there are a million twists on Shakespeare, Franco Zefferelli‘s version of the star cross’d lovers remains an enduring classic of tragic romance cinema. But what would it look like if it were marketed today as a heel-clicking romantic comedy? In continuing our exploration of Modernized Classics, we’ve turned again to master mashup artist ChugsTheMonkey to take a shot at Romeo and Juliet. The result is an adorable, upbeat look at two youngsters who are destined to be together forever. Wacky sidekicks not optional.


As brilliant as Stanley Kubrick‘s sci-fi contemplation on everything is, it would be a nightmare to advertise today. Far from high concept, it doesn’t fit neatly into the quadrants that movie marketing teams salivate over winning. So how would they do it? We’ve asked master mashup artist ChugsTheMonkey to take a shot at it. The result is a bone-crunching, non-stop science fiction explosion of action fit for blockbuster season. Won’t audiences be thrilled!

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