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Tired of hearing about Prometheus? If your answer is yes, consider moving on. If you’re still coming to grips with the film or if you’re a huge fan of the Alien universe, then read on, because we get our dirty little mitts on three books that will take you deeper into the movies than ever before. From Titan Books, Ridley Scott’s newest, Prometheus, gets a wonderful hardcover “The Art of the Film” treatment from author Mark Salisbury, while the original film is highlighted in the recently re-published The Book of Alien. Space Marines, form up, as the stars of James Cameron’s installment are highlighted in the re-published Aliens: Colonial Marines Technical Manual.



While the year isn’t even half over yet, it’s going to be a hard climb for anyone to topple the summer Joss Whedon is having. If The Avengers box office wasn’t enough to give him the best summer ever (it is), his co-writing and producing on The Cabin in the Woods might be the nudge to put him over the top with most fans. Whedon has a few projects in the pipeline (he wrote the upcoming In Your Eyes and is directing his take on Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing), but what if you need more Whedon right now!? Turn your eyes to the page, dear friend. Titan Books currently has three Joss-related offerings ready for your perusal. We took a look at them to give you the straight dope on whether they’re just for super-fans or if everyone can enjoy. After all, not everyone is a huge fan of Whedon. Indeed, personally, I’m at best 50/50 on the guy, finding serious flaws within some his work, absolutely loving some of it, and having not ever watched a good chunk of it. The following contains spoilers for The Cabin in the Woods and Joss Whedon’s career.


Holiday Yoda

It’s the final countdown. Dunuh na naaaa. Less than two weeks to go until Christmas, so naturally now’s the time to start buying things. Who needs organizational skills when you can imbue that action-film frenzied spirit into your final rounds of festive gift buying? Since I’m the collectible fiend around these parts, I’ve been tasked with listing the essential holiday gifts from that world for every film fan. It hasn’t been easy, and I’ve mentally spent way too much money in compiling the list myself. But hey, occupational hazard. Anyway, here follows 15 of the must-have collectibles for this holiday season, some regulars of the Merch Hunter column will recognize, and some will be brand new. Either way, they’re what movie lovers want. As this is my handiwork, you can expect a general mix of the uber-expensive and ultra-collectible as well as the affordable and accessible, more charming options. No snob am I….



It may come as a huge surprise to some of you that we here at Film School Rejects also like to (occasionally) put down our tablets and iPhones and Boysenberries and iWhatevers and lappytops and actually pick up a real book instead – made of paper and everything! And we’d like you to take some time to flip through some bound pages and acquire knowledge the old-fashioned way. That said, may I humbly recommend Jeffrey Eugenides‘ Pulitzer Prize-winning novel “Middlesex“? Eugenides’ debut novel, “The Virgin Suicides,” is a particular favorite of mine. If you’re book-adverse, you may still recognize it from the big screen – Sofia Coppola adapted it for her feature debut. Talk about a book about virginity (guffaw). The author has also recently published his third novel, “The Marriage Plot,” just last month. But why then am I recommending his middle novel, the heavy hitter, the tome, Eugenides’ crack at an epic? Why not one of the smaller, simpler ones? Because it’s the best one. A big, sprawling, time-spanning epic about the Stephanides family and their trials, tribulations, and stunning mistakes, “Middlesex” center on Eugenides’ most fully formed and sympathetic character, Calliope “Cal” Stephanides. Eugenides knows how to steadily build his characters, but Cal is an entity unto herself. Or, if you know more about the book, to himself. Intrigued yet?

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published: 01.26.2015
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published: 01.26.2015
published: 01.26.2015

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