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Christopher Campbell

There’s nothing good to read on the weekends. This being a holiday weekend, that may be more true than usual. Hollywood rarely produces news on Saturday and Sunday and most sites, this one included, simply take the weekend off. Until now. We’re proud to announce this morning an addition to the Film School Rejects editorial staff whose goal is to change all of that. To bring you a slate of weekend content built for those lazy Sunday mornings, full of discussion and insight. Like a Sunday Magazine, but for nerds. And it’s two days long. To bring this vision to life, we’re excited to have Christopher Campbell joining us. We’ve known Chris for a while now through his work on a number of sites around the web and his various visits to Austin for BBQ (see above). He’s native of Connecticut, who just migrated South from NYC and became a father. He’s also a great writer and one of the most passionate film lovers I’ve ever met, a fan of anything non-fiction and anything fantastical. And he’s got some big plans for our weekends here at FSR. To celebrate, we sat Christopher down with a list of questions we’ve long used as part of our “Better Know a Reject” feature. Hopefully these will help you get to know him better. We think he’s the right man for the job, and we’re sure you’ll feel the same way soon enough.


The Reject HQ Blog

Long before her byline graced the pages of Film School Rejects, we were very aware of the talent of one Kate Erbland. Back then we met over fried foods in the hustle and bustle of a South by Southwest Film Festival. We can barely remember which one, at first. In those days she was an editor at Gordon and the Whale, a site that has since been shut down and reborn. And in that period of shut down, our first thought was to extend an invitation to Ms. Erbland to become a member of our editorial team. She’s smart as a whip, sharp as a knife, always well organized and a constant ray of positive sunshine. Lucky for us, she accepted our invitation, and she’s been a huge part of our team ever since. In this week’s edition of The Reject HQ Blog, we take some time to get to know Associate Editor Kate Erbland. It’s a little feature we like to call Better Know a Reject…


Better Know a Reject: Gwen Reyes

It’s been a while since we’ve published an edition of Better Know a Reject, our sometimes series that focuses on the personalities behind the wonderful content you read every day here on FSR, but that doesn’t mean we can’t just start up again. And as we begin a new year and get ready to celebrate the sixth birthday of this site, we can’t help but bring it all back around to the people who make it all go ’round. Our hope is to do one or two of these every month, just a little something to help you connect with the brilliant minds who entertain and enlighten you with their unending passion for the world of film. This time around we’re Q’ing and A’ing with Reel Sex columnist Gwen Reyes, who just celebrated her one year anniversary of writing for FSR on February 9th. My, how time flies when you’re having fun and talking about sexy things. Gwen became known to us through her work on the now defunct Gordon and the Whale and her personally owned site Reel Vixen, the latter of which continues to deliver amazing conversations with a female perspective from not just Ms. Reyes, but other names you’ll recognize from the pages of FSR. She’s multi-talented, incredibly bright and a key component to the success of this very site (apparently you guys like reading about sex — who knew!). So cuddle up and lets have some pillow talk with our resident sexpert.



As of right now, the name Nathan Adams might not ring a bell to you. No, he’s not a descendant of legendary United States Presidents and founder fathers John and John Quincy Adams — at least not that we know of. He is, however, a very talented writer who has just joined our team. If you’re lucky enough, you’ve come across his personal review blog, Nathan Adams and the Temple of Reviews, an entertaining read if there ever was one. We’ve seen it — and we were so impressed that we somehow swindled young Nathan into joining the FSR cadre of contributors as our newest news writer. I have no doubt that you’ve already been delighted with his sharp commentary over the past few days, as he’s already begun to work his way into your daily routine. Needless to say, we’re excited to have him aboard. So excited that we’d like to take time to help you get to know him in a little Q&A that we like to call Better Know a Reject…



One of the things we take great pride in around here is having a sense of community. We love the amount of discourse that occurs in our comments section, thanks in great part to the diversity of our readership. Another way we create a wonderful community is by bringing on some of the best writers around — fresh voices from folks who have an intense passion for film and all the things that go with it. They are the discussion starters, the instigators and (we hope) the reason our beloved readers come back every single day. And in order to help you get to know all of these faces of FSR, we’ve devised Better Know a Reject, our new series of articles dedicated to connecting you with our staff, both new and old. We begin with the new. And by new, I’m referring to our newest contributor Benji Carver.

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