2012 Year in Review


Here at Film School Rejects, we take our features game very, very seriously. On average, we roll out at least fifteen fresh recurring features every week, and that doesn’t even include one-off editorials, interviews, and whatever else our evil little cinematic brains cook up for fun. In 2012, we continued to churn out more of your very favorite features, including Commentary Commentary, our weekly Drinking Game, Aural Fixation, Boiling Point, Channel Guide, Culture Warrior, Over/Under, and our evergreen Short Film of the Day. That stable of goodies was joined by a bevy of new features (many of them thanks to our brilliant new Weekend Editor, Christopher Campbell, including Filmmaking Tips, Short Starts, our new Oscar blog, the Walking Dead blog, The Ingredients, Movie Houses of Worship, and the Reject Recap. But 2012 also saw the end of some of our most beloved originals, including Austin Cinematic Limits and Reject Radio. We don’t like to brag (lies), but if you crave a feature about something movie-related, chances are that we’ve got something for you. So what were the very best features we brought to you this year? After the break, check out Our 12 Best Features of 2012 (by our most humble of approximations). Did we miss one of your favorites? Object to one of our choices? Have an idea for a new feature you’d like to see in 2013? Take it to the comments!


Performer of the Year: Matthew McConaughey

To truly understand the essence behind our choice for 2012’s Performer of the Year, we have to take a walk back in time to 2005. It was the year that, simply a heartthrob at the point, Matthew McConaughey was named “Sexiest Man Alive.” At the time, the Texas-born star was on the road promoting his latest big screen swoon-monster, Failure to Launch. A publicity tour that landed him a memorable spot on the couch next to Oprah, back when she was still just an absurdly rich and powerful talk show host. Why I was watching Oprah on that fateful afternoon, only a higher power would know. But to this day, I can’t help but remember the magnetism of that handsome, denim-clad man who seemed so proud of the fact that he had never worn deodorant in his life. “The women in my life,” he explained amidst talk of his highly publicized relationship with Penelope Cruz and his naturally sweet B.O. “”have all said, ‘Your natural smell smells, one, like a man and, two, [it] smells like you. … [And] there’s only one of those.” It was a line of questioning that left nary a dry seat in Oprah’s lavish studio. She could have given away vibrating chairs to her audience and it still wouldn’t have made as much of an impact. That was Matthew McConaughey’s world. And in 2005, he was king. The question now is how did he end up here, in the sights of a very serious film website being named our first ever “Performer of […]


The Best Action Movies of 2012

Movies are many different things to many different peoples. A film may tug at your heart strings, tickle your funny bone, or change the way you look at the world. But sometimes all you want from a movie is an adrenaline shot straight to the heart, a testosterone booster right to the balls, or whatever the female equivalent of getting really hyped up over an action film is. 2012 didn’t see the apocalypse, but it did see a bunch of cinematic ass-kickery, the best of which is counted down here for your pleasure.



The movies released in 2012 have been notable for many reasons, impacting or reflecting news events both positively and negatively. It’s also seen new innovations, the most notable being the first release of a film in 48 frames per second. However, cinematic historians will also look back on 2012 as being a banner year for facial hair. The entire crew of Film School Rejects relishes glorious facial hair (and yes, that also includes the ladies on staff). We all wish we could have half the style that characters in the movies this year displayed on their lips, chins and cheeks. Now, as the year draws to a close, we reminisce on the many styles we’ve seen on movie screens in 2012, and maybe give some tips on how to grow your own face so glorious.


Year in Review: Best Criterion

It seems like every year we have to begin this particular article with the disclaimer that we aren’t necessarily talking about the best releases Criterion put upon us this calendar year. If one made a list of top 10 home releases in a given year one could conceivably litter that list with nothing but Criterion releases, and still find themselves in the same predicament. Here, our approach to this article has, more often than not, been based on a wow factor in one of many different areas. Either a wow for the presentation of the release, a wow for the personal discovery of something previously unknown, a wow for the collective power of a set, or, occasionally the most fun, a wow for the “I can’t believe Criterion released that….I’m really happy Criterion decided to release that…but seriously can you believe they released that?” This year was no different in any of those respects for Criterion as they continue to put out some of the most impressive releases month in and month out with films that have been in dire need of the Criterion treatment for a long time (Purple Noon), notoriously maligned and controversial artworks that deserve a second chance (Heaven’s Gate), their continuous support for the unique voices of the next generation of filmmakers (Tiny Furniture) while trying to also include the early works of some of modern cinema’s most exciting visionaries (The Game, Being John Malkovich, Shallow Grave); which, on that note, brings us to our first […]



Years from now, cinema fanatics will probably look back at 2012 fondly, remembering that this year brought us new films from Spielberg, Bigelow, Anderson (P.T.), Haneke, Affleck, Anderson (Wes), Van Sant, Arnold, Tarantino, Johnson, and many, many more. But amidst all the good stuff (and, rest assured, there was plenty of good stuff to go around), there were plenty of rotten, silly, messy, sloppy, boring, and insulting films to fill our theaters and empty our heads. The worst, if you will. Just the worst. Settle in, gird your loins, and prepare yourself for The 12 Worst Films of 2012, as determined by your faithful Rejects. Oh, 2012, you really packed some doozies.


Rise for the 2012 Year in Review

It’s the day after Christmas. Hopefully you weren’t the one who forgot the batteries this year. If you did, go run to your local CVS and get them. We’ll wait. Alright, moving on. Now that Christmas is officially over, everyone will now be looking toward the end of the year as the next big thing. College football bowl games, new year’s resolutions and the one thing the Internet was truly built on: top ten lists. As any longtime reader might tell you, Film School Rejects has always been great with wrapping up a full year with a week of lists. You might even call us the original hipsters of list-writing, if that weren’t such an uncool thing to say. This year, we’re not doing anything differently. Just as we did with the 2011 Year in Review, we’re going to take our time and do it right. We know, you’re tired of lists. Everyone on the Internet wants you to know what they thought were the Top 10 Things That Happened During Sunday Brunch. Or they want you to comment on their Top 10 Films of Spring 2012 That Included At Least One Smoking Scene. Our advice: don’t read those lists. Read ours. With that in mind, today begins a full week of recapping the best, worst and most notable things that happened in the world of entertainment in 2012. The best soundtracks, the worst movies, the best performances, the filmmakers who wowed us, the year in facial hair, the best […]

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