Chrystian Harris

Name: Chrystian Harris


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Bio: As a young lad, Chrystian Harris watched The Dark Knight, and said to himself "I could write that!" Upon realizing he could not in fact write that, as he wasn't that good and it had already been, in fact, written, he fell back on a potential career in writing about films instead. He runs and writes his own film and video game blog at, where his mother frequently reads his writing, and tells him how great he is. Somehow this set-up is failing to make him cash flush. He considers himself the protege of critic Laremy Legel, but he's not sure Laremy Legel knows that, or condones this claim. He lives in central NJ, which makes it just oh so easy for him to see all the great independent films he looks forward to every year. That last bit might have been sarcasm, though.